I am not seeing our DFAS direct deposit and today is payday


My husband has set up DFAS direct deposit but we are not seeing it in our checking account.  Today is payday, why is it not there?


Hello. We make every attempt to have your direct deposit funds available one business day before your normal payday, as long as DFAS sends us your pay information at least a business day early. This approach gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing when you can use your money. Since the direct deposit notifications we get are processed throughout the day, we're unable to provide an exact time as to when the direct deposit will be available. Please check your account later this morning. Thank you and have a good morning!

I am experiencing the same problem. Have many things that are expected to be paid today and there is no payday there!

@DellyBelly, I'm sorry you're not seeing your funds yet. We deposit funds as they are made available and the funds will be available in your account as soon as they are received. If you are not seeing your deposit by the end of the day, and today is your scheduled payday, please contact your employer to inquire further. - Janay