How to set CD to not auto-renew when mature?


I just set up a 5-year fixed-rated CD.  I noticed that the CD is set to default to auto-renew when it matures.  How do I set the CD to instead deposit my funds into my savings account once it matures rather than auto-renewing? 


Hey @Gnarlly! You can change the renewal options at any time during the CD term on under the Account Summary page! ~ Samantha 

Thanks for the reply, but I am viewing the Account Summary page right now and I don't see any such option on the page.  Where do you see the option?

@Gnarlly, I'm sorry you are not able to see the option. I will get this reported to the appropriate team. Keep in mind, that a maturity notice will be mailed out 30 days prior to the renewal date, which will advise you of a grace period to make any changes or to close the account. ~ Samantha