How to remove deceased spouse from accounts



@Bikemanjim, I will be glad to explain the process. I am sorry to hear that you have suffered a loss. My condolences. In regards to account holder removal there is some paperwork that will be needed to complete the request. If accounts are joint, and we have an original signature card on file we would need the following documents in order to process an account holder removal. 

  • Certified Death Certificate 
  • Amended Signature Card
  • New Tax Certification W-9 form. 

The signature card and W-9 form will be sent to you pre-filled once we receive the Certified Death Certificate with a note requesting to remove the deceased person from the account. You can upload your letter of instruction and Certificate of death document on When we send the signature card & W-9 to you, simply review for accuracy, sign and return. When we get them back, we will make the appropriate changes to the account.  Thank you for reaching out. ~Suzy