On the 15th our bank account was compromised.  According to USAA, someone used by debit card for a number of fraudulent transactions that zeroed out our checking account.  We caught the fraud almost immediately.  I was actually on the phone with a representative before they were able to make contact with us.


Yesterday USAA issued several debit card refunds back to my account.  However, the total amount refunded leaves us short by $59.50.  In addition, the individual refunds are for amounts that don't directly correspond to the original charges.  For ten separate transactions the amounts are off by $0.04.  


When I called to ask USAA for a status update, I was given a song and dance.  When I explained to the representative that I'm a financial systems analyst, that my day is spent researching and fixing discrepancies in a complex software package used by large law firms, he admitted that he didn't really know why but that he would have the fraud investigator give me a call.


This morning when I woke up I saw that nothing had changed regarding the status of my fraud claim, refunds, etc., but now USAA has bounced a check.  The transaction is dated for yesterday, the 16th, but didn't post to the account until this morning.  In addition, there was money in the account pretty much all day yesterday due to the refunds issued by USAA.


Now I have to deal with a NSF fee even though there were funds present.  On top of that, the check that I wrote is going to get returned to the person I had paid and I'm sure they are going to get a returned check fee.


How can I escalate these issues to someone who can actually deal with them competently?  I don't want to talk to some manager in a call center.


Hello @ZogJones, I'm sorry to know that your account was affected by fraud. I will forward your concerns to a Subject Matter Expert to review. Thank you for the opportunity to look into this matter & your patience during the review process. ~ Lori C