Is there a place (i.e. UPS, another bank) that USAA partners with that I can get a cashier check or money order?

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Detailed information about requesting an official check (aka a cashiers check) can be found here, as well as more in depth answers to frequently asked questions regarding official checks.




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I am not aware of any, normally I would just get one at the post office. Just to be 100% sure depending on your location, please give us a call at 1-800-531-8722. A member services representative will be able to accurately answer this for you. Thank you for posting in the community!

@AngelaCabanUSAA Sorry, what I was meaning to say is there I place I can use my USAA debit card to get a cashier check or money order for no cost to me?

Great question - not that I am aware. I know you are able to use your debit card, however obtaining a money order or cashier's check will always require a fee based on where you are purchasing it. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to call us. Thanks!

I think what the member is getting at is--similar to USAAs refund for ATM withdrawals--why doesn't USAA refund the cost for these services which are (I presume) not charged to patrons of banks with physical locations?  This is an oversight on behalf of USAA.  As members, we give up a lot in not having a local branch to access for certain banking services.  At the very least, shouldn't USAA share the cost of not being able to provide these services?

Several Banks, regardless of being a member of their bank or not, charge a fee for cashier's checks. Some of these Banks include Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Etc...

From past experience, Wells Fargo charges their account holders a fee for the purchase of a cashiers check.

Whitney you are so right concerning the fees for the cashier / official bank checks. As you stated most banks charge a fee for this type of check including USAA. We offer the official checks online through self service up to $2,500 or by phone for anything over that amount. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and have a great night!

The checks are also available through self-service via the USAA mobile app. Forgot to share this in my previous response. Thanks!

It depends on your relationship with the bank. I've seen Wells Fargo issue free cashier's checks to my mom on 3 separate occasions, even though officially there's a $10 fee. I do business locally with Desert Schools who has so far issued me two free cashier's checks, even though they also have an official $10 fee. In my mom's case, she has about $120k or so worth of deposits. In my case, I have about $85k worth of deposits, plus a few grand worth of direct deposit every month.


Banks tend to value this kind of thing, so it's common for them to waive fees like this without you needing to ask. It would be nice if USAA did something similar, and if they did, I'd just move all of my banking to USAA.

Chase Bank offers FREE MIlitary accounts.  With these accounts all money orders and cahiers checks are free of charge.  Try see if any local banks offer any Military Acoounts and you can open one just to use as an actual branch location.  You can also link the two accounts via USAA to make transfers free and easier.