How long does it noramally take to be approved for a personal loan, how long till I can use the money and is there a fee for paying it off early?


I am looking at getting a personal loan to consolidate some debt but I wam wondering a few things, How long will it take to be approved, how long till I can access the money and will there be a fee if I pay the loan off early?


Good morning @ammxd2, Thank you for thinking of us for your lending needs.

Our Lending Specialists are available to answer all of your questions and discuss any options that might be a good solution for your specific needs. You can reach them by phone at 210-531-8722 or via secure online chat 24/7 from our Contact Us options.

Additionally, part of your membership benefits include financial advice from our licensed advisors, they can be reached by phone at your convenience. Have a great day. ~ Lori C.