I called USAA over a week ago after receiving a fraud alert on my debit card. I called and spoke to a representative about the situation and was told that she would block my card and mail me a new one. I was also told she would dispute the claim. The charge was still pending at the time and after it posted I received no further information so I went and disputed it myself. I was told my new debit card would arrive in two days with expedited shipping but never received the card and was unable to order it myself in the app. Only after calling USAA to complain did I recieve a new card. I was told my dispute was definitely fraud by the first representative that I spoke to and that the process would only take a few days but it has been over a week, almost two. How long until my dispute is resolved? I’m tired of getting the run-around with this. It was A LOT of money.


@csotmc, I absolutely understand your concerns and am escalating this to have it further investigated. ~Tom

So how soon will I receive new information?