How long can USAA really lock my checking account for?

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I recently used the deposit check feature on the app, for nearly $5000 in checks. The money was spent on some USAA bills along with other bills. Two days later, I had to find out on my own my account was locked and I was under investigation. Over the period of 2 weeks, I have gone back and forth with usaa and have had on again off again answers where no one I speak to is consistent. I have sent documents in for the checks that were signed, sitting next to each persons driver license to prove signatures. Proof of a personal loan I had taken out of thousands. Deposit slips for the funds into those accounts, in the amounts of each check. My last and final "I'm right" situation was conference calling my usaa bank with that bank the funds came from, that's in my name. The banker on the phone said each check had cleared last month, MARCH. still nothing with USAA. I'm furious and blown away at the lack of communication from USAA. Along with all of this, I cant make my insurance payment that I have with usaa and I will lapse. Once all of this will be handled, I will drop every product I have with USAA with joy. Along with filing a federal trade complaint for the run around, lack of communication and length of time this has gone on.


@JessDeputy1, thank you for reaching out to us. I regret to hear you have had difficulty in accessing your account. I understand the seriousness of your concerns and the urgency in having access to your account. Due to security and privacy restrictions we are unable to review your account details via social media, however I have located your information and will forward your concerns for further review by a subject matter expert. Thank you. ~ Robyn

I have been forwarded multiple times at this point. I have heard multiple time frames beginning with three business days, to two business days, to Monday. Then Tuesday, then Wednesday. In between these calls I got different times from different people. I spoke to a director with being told "hopefully at the end of the business day", which is fine by me. Then the next day arrives, no contact. So I call, now it's another three business days. The checks have been proven to have cleared from my non-usaa bank. There's nothing further that needs to be done. I am simply wanting a call. From a person, who knows the actual answer of what USAA is doing with my money. I am 'as of right now' at a loss of over $6000 due to what I cant spend, and what i have now put on credit cards that i actually paid off with the checks to begin with. A phone call to me and a phone call to the insurance side to notify them of late payment would be fair. I can't even pay with my USAA credit card. I already know I wont be receiving a phone call tomorrow, since its been over 2 weeks and I've had not a single phone call about this situation.
I have done my absolute best to be patient and understanding but this has turned into a huge storm that is unnecessary and has caused me more agony and debt in one week than I've dealt with financially. I have requested to see the documentation of all the "notes" I hear about. The phone calls get shorter and shorter the more I call in. I have the right to call about my own money. I also have the right to the documents and notes in reference to the super secret fraud department. USAA has never even seen my face before. But I will make the 8 hour drive to the nearest brick and mortar USAA institution with any and every document I can provide, bank statements, SS card, deposit slips, you name it. It's me, it's my money, I have the proof and so does USAA.