How long can USAA really lock my checking account for?

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I recently used the deposit check feature on the app, for nearly $5000 in checks. The money was spent on some USAA bills along with other bills. Two days later, I had to find out on my own my account was locked and I was under investigation. Over the period of 2 weeks, I have gone back and forth with usaa and have had on again off again answers where no one I speak to is consistent. I have sent documents in for the checks that were signed, sitting next to each persons driver license to prove signatures. Proof of a personal loan I had taken out of thousands. Deposit slips for the funds into those accounts, in the amounts of each check. My last and final "I'm right" situation was conference calling my usaa bank with that bank the funds came from, that's in my name. The banker on the phone said each check had cleared last month, MARCH. still nothing with USAA. I'm furious and blown away at the lack of communication from USAA. Along with all of this, I cant make my insurance payment that I have with usaa and I will lapse. Once all of this will be handled, I will drop every product I have with USAA with joy. Along with filing a federal trade complaint for the run around, lack of communication and length of time this has gone on.


@JessDeputy1, please see our response to your previous message at your convenience. Thank you. ~ Robyn