How do you protect your members when we report debit card fraud and you do nothing about it?

Filed a debit card fraudulent report and these people claimed it wasn’t a fraud, meanwhile this is happening in another borough from where I live. I called and cancelled that debit card immediately after the alert from USAA of “suspicious” activities. Have these idiots ever heard of atm skimmers, unfortunately thieves steal debit/credit card information on a daily basis, so because this person entered my pin they claimed I “authorized” the transaction?!?? Seriously?!? That’s your excuse? Shame on you USAA. I will be filing another claim, and another after that until you do your job and resolve this matter. You are suppose to protect ME, my hard earned money. So if I’m filing a claim of fraudulent activities do a better job at investigating. We jump through hoops with all these security questions when we call but when it comes to proving a fraudulent activity you don’t go through the same security investigations. Maybe I should call Channel 4. If it was $20 whatever, this was $400 and on top of that they tried taking another $200, seriously?!??? Shame shame on you.


YMo, I can see you're upset with the handling of your fraud claim. I will engage a subject matter expert to review your situation further. Please allow sufficient time for completion of their review and we will follow up with you. - Ben