When I try to add my new savings account to quicken, I need to supply a "USAA Number" and "PIN".  I have tried using my account number, my online login ID, my online password, and my online PIN (various combinations of these 4) - no joy. I don't want to keep guessing and have my online access locked out.


Do you know what Quicken wants?


I already have my checking account, and my 2 credit cards setup on quicken, and I am able to update them online without problem.  I just want to add my new savings to the list so all 4 will be updated every time I select USAA FSB for update


@Curious99, Absolutely we would be glad to assist. Please call our Web Support team at 1-877-632-3002 and when prompted ask for "tech support". They are available 24/7. Have a great rest of the day. ~ Suzy 

One call to the right department - problem solved.



Thanks USAA - You're the best!!