I haven't been able to figure out how to request a debit card on the website.


Hello @explorer70, This should do the trick. If this does not show up for you, please call in 1-210-531-8722 or initiate a Chat. Thank you. ~ Suzy


From My USAA:

  1. Select the deposit account.
  2. Select I Want To located on the right side to extend the section.    
  3. Select Order a Debit/ATM Card.
  4. From the ATM/Debit Card section, select Order a Debit/ATM Card.
  5. Select the account holders that need a card.
  6. Follow the prompts to create a PIN, order the card, and link it to a savings account (if applicable).


For your convenience: To initiate a secure online chat with our 24/7 chat team, select ASK USAA or Reach a Representative near the top of your account page. Or select Chat from the Contact Us options under HELP tab. (=