Working Woman
How do I remove authorize user


To help @Working Woman, what type of account are you wanting to remove the authorized user from ?  ~ Joseph

Why the F#$%^$%^$#%^@$ is it so hard to do this?  I have previously called - it's nice when you call us by our former rank - but it makes me p!ssed off like a hornet when I can't solve sh^t in 2 seconds.  I know many of the support people at USAA are former military and very cool - but the system and conditions they work under are so stupid - trying to find an email address at USAA is like trying to find an exit in a Las Vegas casino - or a condom at the truckstop - why do you make it so hard?  Do you think we're stupid - you make it easy to get and hard to get out - well fine - I guess we don't live by a common social contract anymore.  Please, for the love of God (I've previously called) take my GD kids of off my credit card.  It was nice while they were in high-school, but they're grown now - so take them off.  I will call ***AGAIN*** because I can't sent a F$%^*$%^&$%^&^%&^%#&^$%^&$%^&$&^%&^%ING Email - (B8ST8RDS)

Hello Jeffroy. I'm very sorry to hear about the difficulties you are experiencing removing an authorized user from your credit card. You mentioned that you called us regarding this request. When you called to make this request over the phone can you please clarify the reason we stated this request was not able to be completed? Thank you and look forward to hearing back from you.