Hello I became a. USAA member in December 2017 and as i visited the site and read all there was to offer i wanted to inquire about opening a checking and or savings account with USAA is that possible?
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@AriBaby92, Hello, Thank you for your interest in banking with us. 

Current eligibility to open banking and other products, and qualify for full USAA membership include being in the U.S. military, or having a parent or spouse who currently is a USAA member pass their membership to you. We do offer certain products and services with a limited membership as well.  

If you have additional questions, our New Member department can be reached at, 210-531-8722. Have a great week. ~ Lori 



Just. Don't.

Pick another bank...or at least read the notes here and on the Finance page for what experiences over the past few years has been with USAA.