My father in law has been approved for va disability but requires this type of account in order to start receiving his payments.  I am his durable power of attorney and handle all this financial dealings.


hi there, ChrisDY123. You are able to establish this account. However, we first require that you send in the documentation (the letter from the VA which states this account is required). You may upload this on under the Tools Tab.  Please ensure you also send his member number and letter of instruction with the document.  Once done, it will take a couple of hours for this to be seen on our end. You may then contact us at 800-531-8722 to setup the account. Hope this helps.

Thanks.  As I am the fiduciary, I would send you the documentation while logged onto my account, not his, correct?  I appreciate it.

@ChrisDy123, you can send it through your login also. We only ask that you have his member number on the documents you upload so we know what profile to apply them to.  :)