How do I file a complaint about the fraud investigation procedure?

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 I was denied for money I did not take out at an ATM and was informed they would be deducting my account. There were 2 transactions one was mine and I know that but the other one the same time frame was not me and was for more money. I was told they have proof but I live in Japan and there is no way for me to contact them I was told I have to wait up to a week for them to contact me after $500 will probably be taken out first. This was over 40 days ago why so long


Hello and thank you for taking the time to contact us concerning our fraud investigation process. I will forward this concern to the appropriate department for further review and we will be in touch with you shortly. Thanks!

I recieved an email from corporate and was told he would contact me in 2 days it's been two weeks with no contact ever after I have gone in early and stayed up late to call him I have left messages with numbers and emails with no responce it is difficult for me to call since I live in Japan. I did not take this money out of my account and it's been taken back I need to get this resolved asap

@romepm25, I understand the importance of this situation. I will be forwarding this post for review. Thank you for reaching out. ~ Suzy 

Still no reply, is there someone I can reach out to? This is a lot of money to be taken for money I did not take from the ATM I need video of me taking this money not the original amount I know I took but specifically the extra $500 I am being told I withdrew that was taken out of my account. I need a contact asap

romepm25 - I apologize that you can not been contacted. I will re-engage a team to research your situation., I appreciate your patience. - Jason

I still have yet to hear a response and it has been too long since the start of all of this I am still out $500 I need to know how to file a formal complaint and I need contact information for someone ASAP this is not acceptable as I have done nothing but try and stay patient. I am getting very frustrated at this point please have someone contact myself or my wife right away please or please send contact information for someone I need to call. Thank you

@romepm25, I can confirm that your complaint was received on February 7, 2019. Michael researched the issue and sent an online message to you on February 19, 2019. He did not make phone contact due to the time difference. I'll ask Michael or someone from his team to reach out to you by phone. If you would prefer to call Michael directly, you can find his contact information in the email that he sent on February 11, 2019. ~DC

I have called numerous times and left a message for him as well I do not care what time he calls me but I do need a call back I will try and call again as well I have asked for a call back after 2/19 and was told it would be esculated without return response I apologize for the constant posting but this is the only way I seem to get a response from anyone. Can you please let me know how to file a formal complaint in the case that I will need to

I can't offer any help except to say that your experience sounds similar to mine with this department.  They are slow to respond and when they do, it's not by the method they said they would - instead, they respond by some other method that you may not see for weeks.


In my case, I had to scroll through my account history, click on the transaction, click on details, click on something else and then I would see dispute information.  In the end, I gave up on the dispute and let the vendor keep the money because USAA made the process too cumbersome to bother.  I suspect this isn't accidental.


Stay on them.  Good luck.