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@Idontcare1, Hello! Welcome to the USAA Family & Banking :) 

Depositing cash can be a bit tricky as we are an online bank. However, there are currently select ATM's that are capable of taking deposits. To locate the nearest deposit capable ATM, select the ATM locator from our mobile app.

If you're not finding any convenient to you, we recommend converting the cash to a money order so you can use our mobile deposit option. This allows you to snap a photo of a check and deposit it to your account.


Keep in mind depositing checks at an ATM or using our Mobile app may result in a portion of the deposit to be on hold, since these are considered unverified funds. If any holds will take place, a notification will alert you prior to authorizing the deposit. This allows time for us to receive the funds before making the entire amount available, to protect your account from incurring any negative history, should the check item be returned at no fault of your own. 


The most efficient way of depositing to your account, is via Direct Deposit, typically your deposit will be made available one day prior to actual payday as soon as we are in receipt of the direct deposit notification. You can sign up for Direct Deposits from the Account Services section located at the bottom of your account page. 


Additional deposit options to avoid holds: Wire Transfers, Zelle (register via our app), Cash Advance, all of which are considered verified funds. 

Thank you for your membership, we look forward to serving you in the future for all of your banking, insurance & investment needs. ~ Lori