I'm still new to all this and was wondering how do I deposit cash into my bank? I live in Corpus Christi, Tx and the closest USAA bank is 2 hours away in S.A. So I'm at lost here. Some help would be nice. Thank you!


CHO211, welcome to banking with USAA. I understand there may be occasions you have cash to deposit into your account. I was not able to locate an ATM in Corpus Christi which accepts deposits; therefore, cash should be converted into a money order. You may then use Deposit@Mobile to Deposit@Home to make the deposit into your account. I hope this information is helpful. - Rhonda

which kind of money order is best, postal M O or something else ?

Hi Jercache, Any money order or cashier's check would work to deposit using the Deposit@Mobile or Deposit@Home service. Please let us know if you need further assistance. - Ben

I understand this is the only method of doing it right now but really USAA, is this the best ya'll can offer ? It's freaking 2018 and ya'll can't partner up with atm's that allow cash deposits in every major city ? I have to say someone has dropped the ball, everyone doesn't live in San Antonio. Ya'll can do better, I have faith in you .. make it happen please.


Will in Dallas

I completely agree!


I have an account at a local bank that offers free checking here in CA--so I can deposit cash there and then write a check to myself to transfer the money to my USAA account using Deposit@Mobile.

Hello Edog! Thanks for helping other members figure out how to deposit cash. That is true " membership"!  In some cases they may have to take their cash and purchase a money order. Then use the Deposit @ Mobile app to deposit the money order. Deposit holds can apply on the money order so it is best to allow enough time.  (=

I also opened a local free checking account for the purpose of depositing cash. Then, I can transfer the cash directly to my USAA account through the App or Website because I have linked the two accounts.