How do I completely delete my association with USAA?

So I spent 15 minutes online creating an account with USAA. I did this up on a recommendation from a friend, for particular benefits.
Upon completion of my profile and membership online, I immediately get an answer saying I am not eligible for any benefits. No credit card, no banking, no insurance.. even though I have 17 years military with an honorable discharge. I own four mechanic shops, in different states, and several other businesses.. Have an amicable net worth, and do business with three very large banks.
I am not sure of the qualifications needed to become an active member and use your services, but here is my question..
How do I delete my online account and all information I provided to USAA?
If I am not eligible for any service, I would like to remove all of my information I provided to become eligible for those services.


@Jay1241, we've replied to your private message for assistance. To retrieve the message select your username on the top right-hand corner and click on the envelope icon. Thank you! -Cynthia