How do I add spouse to my account so he can open a credit card in his name?


I have added my spouse as a family member on my account. He does not have his own account.

How do I add him onto my actual account, so that everything is in his and my name.

Also, how do we open a credit card for him, in his name? We've tried, and it only gives me the option to open it in my name.


Hello @shniafn Thanks for the questions. When you say he does not have an account, if that means he has not established his member profile, that would be step 1. If the membership has been established then you can request to add a joint signer to a bank account on I will provide the steps below. He would have to apply for a credit card under his profile if He was interested in a USAA credit card of his own. NOTE: In regards to a USAA credit card, if the card is an existing card then a person could only be added as an authorized user. 


From My USAA:

  1. Select the deposit account.
  2. Select the Account Details tab.
  3. From the Account Holders section, select Add An Account Holder.
  4. Follow the prompts to add an account holder

I am here if you should have additional questions. ~Suzy

There is no add account holder button.

Hello @AFzach, if you do not see this option please call us at 800-531-8722 so we can assist you further. Thanks!