How can we wire money to someone else's USAA account, and is there a fee?


How can we wire money to someone else's USAA account, and does that $20 fee still apply? If it's still applicable, why? Other banks, like Santander do this for free, as well as to other individuals at other financial institutions for free; in regards to just wiring money to other individuals, not businesses. Not to mention apps like Venmo, Google pay, and paypal also do it for free.


@Cagonapark Thanks for reaching out about transferring funds. There is a difference between transferring funds and wiring funds. When you transfer funds it goes through an automated clearing house (ACH), not directly to the other bank, if transferring to/from an external bank. When wiring, there is a fee, since the funds are going directly from one bank to the other. 


To transfer funds there is no fee. You just have to have the other account verified and in your funds transfer list! We also have Zelle, which is also free, that you can transfer money through using either an email address or phone number (you both would have to register).


Whenever you are in a hurry to transfer funds to another USAA acct from your own USAA acct, you can call in 800-531-8722 with the recipient's acct number and it will be immediately transferred since it would be internal. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.  Thanks    ~Tom