How can i get USAA FSB to endorse a claims payment check we received?


How can i get USAA FSB to endorse a claims payment check we received?  Bank won't cash it without USAA FSB endorsement, and I cannot get an answer to how to do this, no matter how many times i call or who i talk to. No instructions came with the check. when i asked the claims adjuster she said contact USAA FSB, but when i called, no one could answer and i got placed on hold, everytime.


We had a property claim, we made the payment to the repairman. USAA sent us a check, but cannot cash it. Please help.


Hello @wvslim, I'm sorry you've experienced a difficult time having your questions addressed. If your external bank is requiring an endorsement from USAA, please use the following address. 


USAA Federal Savings Bank
Attn: Cash Analysis 1 - SAT.OPSVCW
Insurance Check Endorsements/Consumer Loans
10750 McDermott Freeway
San Antonio, TX 78288



If the check is directly made out to you and you'd like to make a deposit into a USAA deposit account, you may sign and deposit using our mobile app deposit feature (daily limit is displayed on the deposit steps) or locate a USAA ATM near you to make the deposit via ATM.

I hope you find this information helpful. 

If you have additional questions, our Chat representatives are available 24/7 when you select ASK USAA from your bank account page or Representative form our Contact Us chat options. Have a great week. ~ Lori