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  • My spouse passed away over three years ago.  Some time back I attempted to cancel her credit card that was issued in conjunction with mine, and was led to believe that athough it would take awihile, it would not be a problem.  It has not been canceled, thezz statements still have her name on them allthough the balance for that card obviously continuously reflects zero, and again, a new card has been sent along with mine in her name.  The other day I spent some time on phone calls, (one lasting over an hour), on hold and being shuttled from person to person without resolution, finally hanging up in disgust and frustration.  Today I attempted again to accomplish the cancellation, explaining my frustration, and after a period on hold was transferred to another person who supposedly could take care of the request.  The phone I was transferred to was of terrible quality and it was hard to understand the representative, but after some time was able to understand that my USAA membership or SSN apparently were not in the system.  In my many years as a member, I have been very pleased with USAA and its insurance and banking services and highly recomended it to others, but apparently there are now some issues with "knowing how to serve" .  Short of cancelling my membership, can you please tell me who I can speak to or how I can get this resolved.


@458 40 26, I'm sorry to hear of the passing of your spouse, as well as your experience. The best way to resolve this would be to request to speak with our Survivor Relations Team, or an SRT representative. While all of our representatives are trained to assist, they specialize in accounts where one of the account holders have passed. I've placed a note on your account, so any representative you're connected to will know what we're looking to accomplish, and which team you need to speak to. I hope this information helps, please let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist. ~Holland