How can I appeal a loan decision based on inaccurate or lack of information?

I applied for a debt consolidation loan for 2 personal loans that I already have with USAA. I wanted to combined them into one payment that was hopefully lower then what I am paying now since I have had them for a while. My decision letter was inaccurate because the loan reason did not say ‘debt consolidation.’ I am not requesting new or additional debt. I am simple requesting a restructure of the current fix rate/length loans that I have already with USAA. I have provided proof to USAA in the past that this debt is primarily from hurricane recovery which my USAA insurance would not cover. Please assist this disabled veteran in appealing the decision of a restructuring loan request that was denied. Thank you.


@Smitty86, thank you for taking the time to reach out to us regarding your recent loan application. I regret we were unable to approve your application and understand you have concerns you'd like to discuss. I will forward your concerns to the appropriate area to follow up with you regarding this matter. Thank you. - Rhonda

I feel you. I was recently denied as well and I am very frustrated. I havent missed any payments since I divorced but im dealing with the conciquences from my ex.. I wish USAA would take those kinds of things into consideration.