Horrendous service every time! I've been a member for 32 years but I'm not sure why I stay!


Today I spent another hour and half on the phone with USAA.  They sent me a message to contact them to reset my password.  I contaced them as requested but the call set off a fraud alert.  After that USAA said they'd send me a text then another text to help reset my password. The texts never came.  One agent said I had a phone problem.  Another agent said there was no way for me to ever login again.  


In the midst of all of this I was trying to get an update on a credit card dispute.  One of the USAA agents told me that I knew that I was being dishonest about the claim!  OMG.  He carried on and on about how I knew what I was doing was wrong.


Turns out that USAA had reviewed the dispute and decided in my favor.  The auto collision repair service that didn't fix my truck but damaged it further was not believed by the dispute department yet the agent was saying, in so many words, that I am a thief.


I have had problems like this with USAA over the past two years.  Everything seems like chaos.  I call in to ask a question and the phone system doesn't work.  I call in to ask a different question about the website not working.  I call in to find out why USAA triggers fraud alerts on their own activities.  When I ask to speak to a supervisor the agents come very, very close to saying 'no'.


It's a sad state of affaris.  After 32 years I don't know if I can take it anymore.  What happened to USAA???


@FrankieDog, I understand that you have been a USAA member for 32 years, and I appreciate your loyalty. I'm saddened to learn that your recent experiences with USAA have not been positive. Your post has been assigned to a subject matter expert who will review those experiences. ~DC

Welcome to the new USAA under Stuart Parker's leadership.  Best to shop around.  You will save money and experienec better customer service.

I have had problems with password today instead of lieing about it about updating come out and say we are changing security instead of hiding behind the problems it took web support 2 hours to get it strightened out I did not change anything they did but did not know why

This isn't a good member experience @Scan123 and we will have an agent look more into this for you. - Ralph 

I’m back after a few years and after seeing how political and outright racist many posts have gotten on these threads, I’m going to head back over to Navy Federal and Delta Community Credit Union for my banking needs. Liberty mutual and Geico both provide better insurance rates than USAA for me.