USAA keeps saying the Home Equity Loans will be available again later in the year, what does that mean?  When later in the year?  Can you at least give the members an idea of what is coming so we can plan?  Been a member for almost 40 years and had to move my car insurance to another company, now it looks as though I may have to move the rest of my accounts.  Extremely poor customer service!!


We had to destroy the village in order to save the village (paraphrased) is an infamous justification once used.


Now from USAA I am hearing "We had to completely, profoundly NOT serve the needs of our HELOC seeking members in order to better serve the needs of our HELOC seeking members."  It was an absurd rationalization in the original context and it is absurd now.


How is it that other financial institutions can upgrade systems without suspending service and products for unknowable amounts of time?  If this was the BEST solution USAA could make then I would appreciate it if the executive and his/her team of financial professionals who allowed this situation to occur soon found employment in another industry.

Just spent a frustrating amount of time searching for HELOC rates before stumbling on this thread. In desperate need of home equity lending option due to a major repair needed for my home. What gives with the lack of information on home equity loans? No alerts or notifications that I can recall. Guess my loan needs will best be served elsewhere.



I apologize for the frustration this may be causing you all. At this time, our HELOC products are on hold as we transfer to a new mortgage system. This unfortunately means that there is nothing we can do until this process is completed. If there is anything else we can assist you with, please let us know. Thank you for posting in the community.



Can you give some precision on the renewed availability for the timing of USAA offering new home equity line of credit facilities? We had one in the past, moved (closing the estabilished HELOC), inquired about a new HELOC against our new home and advised that by mid-June a new HELOC resource should be in place. Then I observe the troubling forum notes, causing me to post this inquiry.


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Hi Chris,


Unfortunately, I am not able to as we do not yet have a timeframe. We appreciate the patience of our members throughout this process, I know it has been a very frustrating situation. As soon as we have an update, we will be sure to post in the community. Thanks!

Hi, I was looking to do a renovation and was exploring a HELOC.  I stumbled on this thread full of disappointment and disbelief.  


I didn't obtain a VA loan through USAA due to reading all of the reviews of the horrible experiences people had gone through.


I didn't finance a new car through USAA due to non-competitive rates.  I saw there was a note on my loan pre-approval to contact USAA if offered a better rate--why would I do that?  I have to haggle over interest rates now?  No thanks.  I financed through the dealer.  


I recently shifted all of my insurance to another company due to poor customer service and non-competitive rates.  Maybe you should quit wasting money advertising for new members until you can competently serve the existing members.  I'll be looking to move my investment accounts next; then my banking accounts.  I hope this gets fed back that your company is going down the drain and is going to start bleeding members if this isn't turned around.

Dear BNR,


This is a regrettable situation, and appreciate all the feedback you have left here in the community. I have escalated your comments over to one of our banking specialists in hopes of mending our relationship with you and to regain your faith in us. Someone should be reaching out to you soon. Thank you.

Frustration seems to be the name of the game. This is the first time in over forty years of service that I have had a problem with USAA. Unfortunately, it's a big one. Not only are home equity lines of credit unavailable, but land loans are also. I'm not sure what the company is attempting here, but the inconvenience to your customers is huge. Individuals can't wait indefinite time periods to make home improvements or when an investment opportunity comes around. Your planning was obviously not thought out, especially since a time frame isn't even available after over six months. For a company of your caliber, this is unacceptable. I agree with a previous member, if you can't service current members, why are you spending possibly millions of advertising dollars to get more?

It's time to fix this problem and offer your inconvenienced members an apology, possibly a financial offer to mitigate their patience.

It would also be helpful if someone other than Angela Caban responded, as she is simply an employee who has been told what to say and has no real authority. The CEO should be responding to these complaints! There is an answer to these questions! It's time to respond honestly. Someone higher up the ladder than Angela needs to take responsibility.


They have no problems giving their employees $8,000 in annual bonuses of our hard earned premium payments to go along with non-competetive rates.