Hold placed on USAA Visa credit card payments?

Why isn’t 100% of my payment to USAA Visa credit card applied to credit card balance? Payment was transferred from USAA checking account to USAA visa credit card. Paid $25.11 balance on $8,000 credit limit. Instead of seeing available credit limit being $8,000 after payment it’s $7999.00. Why is $0.11 being put on hold from my $25.11 payment. This makes no sense and it’s a continuing problem using USAA Visa credit card. Payments are made right after I use USAA Visa credit card. Payments are always on time and always being put on hold if they are big or small. No problems exist past or present with USAA checking account or USAA Visa credit card. There is no rational explanation for doing this to USAA customers paying their USAA Visa credit card from their USAA checking accounts, transferring money to make the USAA Visa credit card payment. This behavior just causes customers to use their other credit cards instead and bank accounts that do not do these types of things instead of USAA. Complaints about USAA putting hold on payments, seem to be coming from all types of USAA customers. USAA isn’t paying attention to their practices are costing them business going to other banks and credit unions instead.


@5Angel5, thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention regarding the recent payment to your account. Payments may reflect on your account on the date submitted however, the processing date can be 1-2 days after the payment is submitted. Please review your account within the next 2 business days for an update. Your feedback is appreciated and will be shared with our leadership team. - Rhonda

This has never happened to me. I pay off my credit card balance every single week using a USAA checking account against A USAA credit card. My credit line always returns to the full amount when I pay off the balance and is not $1 short like you are showing. I think a phone call to their representatives may help resolve the question. Good luck.