Have there been leadership changes at USAA?


I've been a very happy customer of USAA but have noticed some troubling changes recently - I'm wondering if this is a temporary fluke or a sign of bigger changes being pushed by corporate leadership.


First change I noticed is when I use my USAA account to pull money from my local bank account, this transfer used to be available immediately but now takes several days.  Local banks used to be unable to compete with USAA on this issue, now they are equal.


Hold times - I don't remember ever being on hold for more than a couple minutes in the past.  Yesterday I was on hold for 52 minutes just to be told that the after hours support couldn't unlock my account and I had to call back this morning.  This morning I had to hold for 10 minutes, which isn't terrible but isn't any better than a local bank either.  52 minutes is terrible.


Account lock-out - Yesterday, I had another USAA member phone in to do a member-to-member transfer after having a phone agent tell me to handle this situation by that method.  After both of us having talked to representatives on the phone (separate phone calls), my account was locked out because "USAA has a significant problem with account takeover fraud."  We both talked to reps on the phone before / during the transfer!  I could easily get a local bank where this is not a problem since this type of transaction could be done in person at a branch office.


Mostly, I'm curious if others are observing similar drops in quality of service from USAA but since somebody will pop in here to "forward this to the Subject Matter Expert", to them I say, "USAA was inovative as an early adopter of things like mobile deposit but the local banks have caught up to you.  Recent drops in quality of service are a concern to me."


@Paul0000, Thank you for reaching out Paul and for all the feedback, definitely not how we want you to feel. I do want this to be looked at further with a Bank Specialist. Thank you again for taking the time.   ~Tom