I am curious to know if usaa has been hacked? My bank account was drained today from someone using my debit card number. They tried 3 times to purchase something for $471. They eventually were able to clean my bank account out. The purchases and attempts all came from walgreens. I originally thought it was an isolated incident until one of my wife's friends had the same thing happen to her today. This is really aggravating because I've had that particular card number for a while and it's attached to multiple automatic payments. I'm not sure how this particular person or people were able to get my card information. I've had nothing but nice things to say about usaa, please don't start on this downward spiral and I have to change banks.


Same thing happened to me on 4/12/16.  I've gone round and round with USAA about this issue.  I've literally been on the phone for over an hour today!  I've been transfered so many time it's ridiculous.  I'll be leaving USAA today

Mine to about 2 weeks ago, no resolution.  Waited on hold multiple times.  Balance still showing charges.  Completely screwed my taxes and business planning last night.  

I think they have. My card was hit a month ago and today my wife's card is hit. What bugs me off more than anything is USAA only gives you two options when it comes to overdraft protection Your credit card or your savings. all of which hurts you in the pocket when something like this happens. I will be looking for a new bank. This has happened way to much to me to be someone skimming I do believe its someone in USAA.

Thank you all for reaching out in Community. USAA has not been breached. Members who have had their card information stolen by a fraudster, likely where they shopped or dined, sometimes use the word breach to describe that situation. However, this is individual fraud and not a data breach. If you suspect fraud on your account, please give us a call at 800-531-8722.

I have a problem with this response.


There are recent complaints all over this community regarding someone calling USAA, gaining phone access to accounts, changing account information, including phone numbers, online passwords, and withdrawal limits, and then withdrawing large sums of money. Often from thousand of miles away. They did not get this information form where we "shipped or dined".


How is this exact scenario playing out across dozens of states and members? How do they know we are all USAA members? How do they have the information to get past the phone security to the point where they have access to change account info?


Someone has a list of USAA members with enough information to get past USAA phone prompts. There was a breach. There is a pattern to this compromise, and USAA is not acknowleging it.

Anyone having problems with USAA bank account hacking via telephone recently?  My bank account was drained but caller had all my information including an undecipherable verbal password that only USAA and I knew about.


June 2018

My card number was stolen last week on a card I had activated but hadn’t yet used. The card was hidden in my home. If there is no chance that it’s within USAA, how can a card that isn’t yet in circulation be stolen and used for fraudulent charges? I was furious when I found out. I was so rude to the poor customer service agent. This is my 4th card breach in 3 years. All USAA cards. My one local bank card has never been breached.

@Lad618, I can understand why you'd be frustrated with this situation. Your concerns are important to us and will be sent to the appropriate team for review. Thank you. - Rhonda

Something is definitely going on. On May 9, 2016, we had two fraudulent transactions appear -- one at a Williams-Sonoma store and the other a Sephora store, both in Seattle, WA. We reported the fraud, they canceled our cards, and sent new ones. After about a week, we received two new cards. (Oddly, these cards had different numbers; previously, our cards always had the same number.) My wife used her card for the first time on May 16, 2016. On June 28, 2016, another instance of fraud occurred. This was on the NEW card which was in our possession for just over a month. Somehow, in that short period of time, someone was able to get the NEW card number and use it at an Ulta store in Roseville, MN. I reviewed all the transactions for that period associated with my wife's card and nearly all were done in person, with her using the card. In those, only a skimmer could have been a factor. Two others were at restaurants where the server had the card out of my wife's vision, three more were online purchases -- American Airlines, Travelocity, and Groupon. Worse, the run-around I received this morning trying to resolve this -- multiple phone calls sitting on hold for nearly a half hour each time, with multiple answers, until I finally reached "David" on the last call who was able to help me. It is certainly possible that this is some skimmer, nefarious person, or online snick. However, we've had zero fraud on our cards from other vendors. I've decided to close this account because I simply am tired of all of this and, frankly, do not trust USAA any further.