Government Shutdown assistance for federal employees other than USCG & NOAA?


I have seen that USAA is providing low interest loans for Coast Guard and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration employees but what about the rest of the federal workforce/USAA customers that are affected?


Will we be offered the same assistance?


@Dodgeblue, great question!  Members who are eligible are  Members of Coast Guard or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Corps.  At this time, those groups are the only eligible branches.


That's really disheartening. I have been a USAA member for my entire adult life, now I am facing this shutdown and my credit union will not provide me any relief. Navy Federal is providing this service (with no interest) to all federal employees impacted by this shutdown, not just a small subset. Maybe I need to move my business to a credit union that is willing to help when I need it.

@DodgerBlue, We understand that some of our non-military members are impacted by the current government shutdown, but given the difficulty in determining each federal department's approach and each member's status, we've had to limit this offer to active duty Coast Guard and NOAA Corps employees. We encourage you to call us directly to discuss your specific situation, so we can help determine the best option for you. ~DC