Government Shutdown Loan - USAA at it's worst.


I have over 20 years with USAA (with the badge here to prove it.)  Checking, savings, investment accounts.  2 USAA credit cards.  1 current auto loan, home owners insurance, auto insurance on two vehicles. I don't even know how many loans I've paid off from USAA over the years as well.  I called them to get assistance for the shutdown.  I work for Indian health services  which is part of the department of health and human services, but funding comes from the department of the interior, which is shutdown right now.


The first person said they are only doing coast guard and NOAA corp, two of the 7 uniformed services, that are currently without funding.  The rest of the federal employees that bank with USAA are out of luck.  I asked for a supervisor and there wasn't one available, however she did put me on the phone with someone from an executive relations commitee (important sounding title, but really it's just a customer service rep that is there to hear complaints) that absolutely lied her butt off about how USAA didn't know that the department of the interior was without funding and that's why they didn't offer assistance to anyone except the coast guard and NOAA.  Every news outlet has reported the department of the interior is without funding, a simple google search shows hundreds of news stories about it.  She said that because I received my last check on Dec 27th it appeared I was still receiving funding.  When I said that was for the pay period that ended on Dec 22nd and I received pay for all the work prior which was funded, she didn't care.  She just said it looked like I was employeed and receiving funding.  Mind you, the coast guard and NOAA are the same way, they will receive their pay for everything prior to the 22nd before the shutdown.  I advised her to go to and see the shutdown/lack of funding notices all over the site, she didn't care.  She offered several times to get me loans of various types at the standard rates, just not the special government shutdown rates the coast guard and NOAA get.  I ended up hanging up on her, I refuse to let someone lie to my face (or ear in this case.)


I'm so disturbed by this practice that USAA doesn't care that I've been with them for so long and give them money on their products each month, faithfully, without fail, that the one time I do need help, they tell me I'm not in the right category to be helped and treat me the same as any other joe walking in off the street.


I will be looking for a new insurance and banking company soon and leaving USAA forever.  If this is how you treat people then I don't want to do business with you.

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@Ninety, Thank you for taking time out of your day to share your experience with USAA. This is certainly not how we want you to feel. I'm forwarding your information and post to our Subject Matter Experts for further review and handling. ~ Shane  


Don't respond if you have no fix action. He is not the only one. 

AMEN TO THAT!!  We have been USAA members for almost 20 years and they have never been there when we needed them.  When we were ready to purchase our first home, USAA denied us a home loan.  We went through our secondary bank, who we only have a very small allotment going to each month.  We got a great rate from them as well.  My USAA bank account has been compromised more than once and each time, USAA has basically said it was my fault.  I called them regarding the current shutdown and was told that my agency doesn't qualify for their assistance, only Coast Guard and NOAA...really USAA?? We will be moving all of our products to a different bank because USAA has shown us on more than one occasion that we really don't matter to them.  I just saw a post where Navy Federal will provide no interest payroll advances to their members during the shutdown.  Now that is how you take care of your members.



Don't respond if you have no fix action. He is not the only one. 


I am a Coast Guard Civilian employee and a US Army Reserve officer with over 19 years of service. I've been with USAA since 2005. I was recently denied a loan by USAA even though I've been a valued customer with multiple accounts and banking transactions. I can't get support from other banks because I can't change my direct deposit at this time. I hope USAA understands this treatment of long standing customers while building your enduring marketing campaigns on the backs of US military service members is beyond disingenuous. But hey, I'm not a professional athlete and I'm not a war hero, I'm just a lowly civil servant who's dedicated his entire adult life to service to our great country. Thank you, USAA, for the lack of quality treatment and appreciation. 

Check on Navy Federal and Tyndall Federal Credit Unions. Both are helping where USAA has fallen short. We are in the same boat, federal worker and vet- therefore not high enough of a priority on their tier of importance. Many cards of thanks from local banks will be showered on USAA stemming from the mass exxodus and all the new customers joining those new banks.


Tyndall Federal offered a 0% loan for 60 days and no questions asked. All we needed was the last 2 pay stubs and they qualified us for the full amount in less than 10 minutes. AND we found out they offer  better rates on car loans (we're transferring out USAA car loans to them now too) and  credit cards (7% lower APR than our USAA one). Thank you USAA for falling short for us in our time of need because you finally managed to open our eyes and push us out of your nest!  All our accounts are in the process of being transferred out of USAA- all 8!

@GeauxmaWe understand that some of our members who are federal employees are also impacted by the current government shutdown. USAA is offering up to a 90-day payment deferment on credit cards, up to a 60-day payment deferment on loans, and special payment arrangements for insurance on eligible accounts. So we can help determine the best option for you, we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss your specific situation, at 210-531-8722, or via secure online chat24/7 by selecting Contact Us from the HELP tab. ~ Samantha 


That's trash.  A 90 day deferment on cc?  So you can get even MORE interest piling up?  Yeah, "thanks"....


What a joke.  Please tell your management that they stink.  A LOT of us are going to leave USAA over this TIERED member treatment you insist on.

@mcjaxon,  Thank you for reaching out. We are sorry to hear you are disappointed. We will pass your feedback along to the appropriate team.   ~Tom

I have been contacting USAA for over two weeks with no assistance.  Same answers, "Our board and managers are still trying to determine how to handle situations like yours."  I even got an email from Melanie Melville who provided me with her extension.  She said she would contact me within two business days to discuss further.  No calls from her.  I've left two messages with her and given my cell number for easier access to me.  No return call.  My wife has spent the better part of the morning trying to find someone to talk to with answers.  No response.


Have been a USAA member for over 19 years.  Was in the USAF for 13 years and with the federal government for almost 20 years.  I have never asked USAA for assistance.  I see the commercials where people, I assume actors, attesting to how USAA is there for them.  Not true at all.  I have other entities I've worked with during the shutdown.  Some have even reached out to me advising they know I'm with the government and affected by the shutdown.  All have offered a deferrment of 60 days with no late fees.  One even vacated the current month payment.  Great customer service from them.  Not great customer service from USAA.


As I type, I'm on the telephone with another USAA specialist.  Same responses.  No assistance other than to tell my story again for another person.  I advised I know she is not responsible.  But I did say to advise her CEO and board are the problem.  I'm betting USAA will lose a lot of customers in the near future.


I am slated to retire in May.  I will then have access to my thift savings funds.  I will then pay off any debt I have with USAA and move to another institution.  There are over 200 people in my office and a significant number are with USAA.  I've heard similar stories from them.  Virtually all of them plan to move from USAA.  I know I plan to as well unless USAA steps up.