Getting full usaa site access after bankruptcy discharge

I am having a really hard time with my banking with USAA after my bankruptcy. It was discharged, i don't owe USAA any money and i have been a cistomer for 6 years. Why can't i get full site access? I don't want to have to switch banks but i can't continue to handle my business with mobile site access only


Yes, you don't owe them money, but they took a loss.  


Banks can can refuse to do business with someone they consider high risk.  Try getting a credit card from American Express if they ever took a loss on you.  The vast majority of credit unions will close down all your accounts if they were included in bankruptcy. 


Maybe with time USAA will let you back in to full access. 

Thank you for your feedback Ms Hodges.


I have sent your comment over to the bank for further consideration.

Thank you again for posting.

Well just got a phone call from Lisa xxxxx at USAA saying the CEOs office has reviewed my request to overturn the block on my account due to the bankruptcy from when I was injured in Iraq let's take this to the NEWS and show how USAA is treating us disabled veterans

USAA Debt Protection for Credit Cards clearly does not apply if you file bankruptcy. Try actually reading the policy.


You must be in a different infantry than the rest of us. A responsible infantry officer hopes never to get injured, but plans their family finances as though it will happen. Infantry "buddies" are not Navy Relief. If one of your "buddies" is naive enough to lend you a thousand dollars or more and then -- for whatever reason -- you stiff him, that's one less buddy in your collection. Always.


PPPPPPP. You slept through that lesson in OCS.

Wow,'re a xxxx.







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Rude and inappropriate. I'm shocked USAA doesn't remove your comment FullBird!
You do understand not all injuries leave you with the mental capacity to function the same and as such may not be aware of disability insurance. I was not and did what I was capable. The only assistance I got was to tell me to file bankruptcy. Then have this same issue with usaa treating me like a deadbeat because I filed bankruptcy instead of filing an insurance claim.<br><br>It is assinine to expect a disabled person to be able to understand and function the same as someone that is not.

Disabledvet83, Thank you for your feedback. We regret to hear of the service you have encountered. We have escalated your concerns and we will reach out to you to discuss this matter further.

I am so tired of the run around with Usaa they claim the are here to help there Veterans we filed bankruptcy and has been discharged over a year and we are still getting the run around finally was able to get a auto quote but am wanting to open a checking and savings acct and they are the only company who wants to not help out