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My husband retired from the Army after 20 yrs of service and is now a Federal employee. He has been working during this furlough, but as of today, will be doing so without being paid. Looking at our bill situation for this next pay period, the two largest bills that would need to be paid are both with USAA- our auto loan and my husband’s credit card. With no income and only a couple hundred in savings, we will be unable to pay these bills. So what do we do? Is there any way we can delay paying for them? Is there any sort of temporary forgiveness program offered during this furlough? They announced that back-pay for employees has been granted once the shutdown ends, but until that happens, we are unable to pay our bills! USAA has taken good care of us for the last 20 years that we have been members, but I am hearing from others that that is perhaps not the case during this furlough? What can we do?


@Member in GA, we can understand your worry!  USAA's operations, product, and financial advice leaders are actively preparing for possible federal spending impacts on USAA Members. In the event of a potential interruption in federal pay, USAA is prepared to put its financial strength to work for the membership. USAA Federal Savings Bank will make available a one-time, .26% Unsecured loan for 12 months. Members who are eligible must meet all the following criteria: • Members of Coast Guard or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Corps, • Experience an interruption in their federal pay due to the Government Shutdown, • Have a direct deposit of government pay for the prior two consecutive
months (October & November), • Resident of the United States any U.S. Territories. Eligible members will see the
loan offer on and mobile.  Hope this helps.

Oh you forgot to mention have a credit check run where it doesn’t matter if you have a 750 credit score and you get denied

Hi @Cr6this new, low-interest loan provides below-market rates and is subject to an underwriting review. Please contact us directly at 1-800-531-8722 to discuss your situation and better understand your options. Thank you. -Paula

I am really disappointed that USAA did not considered all furloughed employees with their pay Direct Deposited. I am a veteran working for DOJ but am not eligible for assistance.
I have several products and accounts with USAA however once the furlough ends, it looks to be in my best interest to do the majority of my banking with Navy Federal or Justice Federal (membership in both).
Again it is very disappointing with having been a USAA member for over 15+ years to know that all furloughed members would be given the same consideration.

@AB11, we are sorry to hear you are disappointed and we will pass your feedback along to the appropriate team. -Paula

You must be insane to Join or recommend USAA it is not what it used to be.  They dont care anymore about us it is better to use a Federal Credit Union.


They only care about money not people.

As I long time USAA member over the past year i have started moving more and more of my banking and financial needs to PENFED. 


I have had mutliple negative encounters with USAA and read many-many more on this board and on a few social media Vet and military forums!


Very sad knowing the stellar repuation USAA had at one point! It is very apparent that the USAA long held commitment to offer the very best to service members and Vets is now focused on satisifying Corporate greed and share holders!!

So what are you doing for everyone else that isn’t Coast Guard? All the other Credit Unions with affected employees are providing assistance and loans. Been a member for 15 years but rethinking it now.

Hello @FedAgent67, We understand that some of our non-military members are impacted by the current government shutdown, but given the difficulty in determining each federal department’s approach and each member’s status, we’ve had to limit this offer to active duty Coast Guard and NOAA Corps employees.  We encourage you to call us directly to discuss your specific situation, so we can help determine the best option for you. -Colleen