I have, never, in my time with USAA had to wait for my own money to be unheld. I used to never have problems depositing checks through the mobile app. They would be available instantly, but all of the sudden things have changed a month or so ago.


I recieved a payroll check from ADP. One of, if not THE, largest payroll company in the US. There was a hold placed on my account for 7 business days fo the entire amount of the check, which comes out to a week and 1/2 real time. That is ridiculous. Considering the fact that on the check itself it lists a toll free 800 number to verify the check. USAA refused to help me on this matter, and my ENTIRE paycheck was put on hold for that amount of time. I was literally, yes literally, broke for a week and 1/2 waiting for my own money to clear. I called USAA multiple times and every time I got a different answer as to why the funds were on hold. No one would help me, no one would release a part of the funds for me to use. Zero help whatsoever. 


Now lately, using an external account that has been linked to my USAA account for quite some time, I am seeing holds placed on money transfers from my accounts at other institutions. 


This is just plain unacceptable. I loved banking with you guys because of the ease of banking. I never had to wait on my own money to clear so that I could use it. I have now opened up accounts at a different bank, and have begun transferring my money out of USAA. I do not trust you with my money anymore. You have lost that trust with your juvinile actions and excuses as to why you all of the sudden must place holds on accounts. You have lost my business, and me as a customer. 


Good Riddance. 




Thank you for your comment. I have sent your concerns over to out banking team for further review.

Here is a common thread to many of these hold complaints:


"I was literally, yes literally, broke for a week and 1/2 waiting for my own money to clear."


Based on these complaints, It would appear many of these of holds are being placed because individuals are not maintaining a minimum balance in their accounts.  This is important because if a check is returned for any reason, the chances are good the individual would have already removed some or all of the funds resulting in the account going negative and possibly further resulting in NSF fees.  Some of these accounts would likely end up as charge offs.


Consider that these accounts are provided for free of charge and if the account is not maintaining a significant balance that is useful to the bank, then what is the incentive on their part to take the risk on providing funds earlier.  Actually by placing the hold, this gives the bank 7 business days use of the funds (interest paid).  


Would you not consider that a fair exchange for them providing you free account services and as a means to off-set the above risk?

Oh please.  That answer sounds like it came straight out of the USAA handbook.  And I agree with the OP.  Its one thing if USAA started out like this. But they didn't.  And no where on the checking account that I have does it state a person has to maintain a min balance.  And if you have no history of NSF fees then they should not just assume you are going to all of a sudden start having them.  And USAA just sent out a notice to everyone tonight stating that using remote deposit all funds will be on hold for at least 7 business days now.  Before they would credit $200 at least and hold the rest. But not anymore.  So I will be switching just like the OP.  As I said, its one thing if they started out like this. But they didn't.  And sorry, but the likihood that a payroll check from an employer whom you worked for a very long time bouncing is rare.  And to answer your question about holding the funds being a fair exchange. No its not. And had I known they were going to all of a sudden change the rules then I would not of even bothered with this account.  And USAA may be taking a risk with you, but not with me as I dont incure NSF fees etc.  

"No its not. And had I known they were going to all of a sudden change the rules then I would not of even bothered with this account.  And USAA may be taking a risk with you, but not with me as I dont incure NSF fees etc."


No change in the rules, though they do seem to actually be enforcing it more.  Again, it seems from many of the recent complaints, those with little or no balance are getting hit.  Unless they all have negative account histories, which would also explain it.


If you fall into the category of maintain little or no funds in your account and not utilizing direct deposits, USAA probably isn't going to miss your business.


I have never had USAA put a hold on any of my deposits.  I just recently put in a check via Mobile Deposit for a little under $4K with it all made available immediately.  Of course, my account balances normally exceed that amount.


Yes it is a change. If it didn't change then they would not of sent this document to me.



Terms for Deposit@Home and Deposit@Mobile


Thank you for trusting USAA with your banking needs. Here are updated details about funds
deposited using Deposit@Home and Deposit@Mobile. The availability of these funds matches the
terms in the Depository Agreement for your account. These terms take effect immediately.
If you have questions, please call us at 210-531-USAA (8722), our mobile shortcut at #8722 or



Updated means they changed them.  The original ones state they make avail the first $200 of the deposit while the rest is on hold and clears.  


And I don't believe you that they have never put a hold ever on any of your deposits.  No one even asked you about that. This is the OP's thread needing support and Im sure they don't want to or care to read that you don't have holds or that  you deposit more then $4K.  Whoopee...noone really cares.  

"Updated means they changed them.  The original ones state they make avail the first $200 of the deposit while the rest is on hold and clears.  "


It never said anything about making any amount available.  I posted the old terms on the other thread.  

Usaa has done this to my son who is in the coast guard...receiving government pat never been delinquent or in the negative never nsf....it's unacceptable to not get a phone call or a time frame when funds will be released...this bank has recently become one of the worst as it relates to these issues...thus us NOT a bank for military families or it wouldn't have such poor communication about freezing assets. I don't trust them any more in fact I think this would make a good news story.

USAA did this to our family also, twice in the past year.  After the first time I told them that if they did it again, we would close all of our accounts with them.  So this week they did it again, and now I am in the process of closing all of our USAA accounts and transferring our business to other traditional banks.   Between the 4 IRA accounts for all of our family members, the car insurance, the house insurance, the brokerage accounts, the checking & saving accounts, etc. we have 10+ different accounts with USAA, and because of their "Funds Availability Policy" I am CLOSING ALL OF OUR USAA ACCOUNTS.


The main reason we are closing all of our USAA accounts is because of this "Funds Availability Policy", and the fact that they put my salary check on hold - twice in 2 different months -  preventing us from paying our automated bills, including our direct-debit mortgage, paying auto-anything until USAA released the funds in the checking account they put on hold.  Also there is NO-ONE at USAA that has the power / ability to remove a "Funds Availability Policy" hold, nor will they apologize or even say "im sorry" for causing chaos in your automated payments & bills etc.  Nor will they make good on any NFS charges or fees incurred because of their actions, and the fact that they put your money on hold in the first place and physically prevented your auto-debits from occurring because they blocked your $$$, even though the money is in your account.  I've spent hours and days over the past year talking to countless people within USAA about this, and nobody can fix it and nobody can clear the hold.


It is important to note that this is the same salary check, from the same provider (Bank of America), that has been deposited in the same way, for 13 YEARS, and suddenly with no warning they block the salary check and corresponding funds availability.  We also have perfect credit ratings, and other money in various USAA accounts, so there are no "risk factors" to account for why they would put our salary check on hold.  Moving forward we are closing all of our USAA accounts and moving to a traditional bank that won't put my salary check on hold for no reason.

@patnjen, This is disappointing to hear. When you deposit a check or make a transfer, the “behind the scenes” money exchange can take a week or more. All banks use a standard set of rules for how long to hold these items before making the cash available. At USAA Bank, we strive to make your deposit available as quickly as possible and for most deposits, funds are available immediately. However, according to our Depository Agreement, a check or transfer can be held up to seven business days depending on one or more of the following factors:

  • Source of deposited funds (government, company, individual, etc.)

  • Method of deposit (ATM, mobile device, mail, etc.), and Bank account history

Learn more by reviewing the Funds Availability section of the Depository Agreement. In the meantime, I've shared your comments regarding our hold policy with our bank team. Feedback is important as a means to help us improve our products and services. - Ben