My wife and I are working to better visualize our monthly spend, and I see the value in using the Budget services on the USAA site, especially since it links with my mobile app. It looks like if the budget app is done right than we can quickly see our spend in a given category and quickly make money decisions based upon that tool. After completing the budget using the online portal I was happy to see the same budget with dashboard on my mobile app. The challenege is I am not the only one that has access to our checking account. I went to show my wife the tool and start working with her on how we can use this tool to closely monitor our spend in a given category and found that she was not able to see the budget on her device using her tool.


After a quick call to USAA I was told that the only way to fix this was to either a. Give her my ID, password, and pin to access my USAA profile (which I was shocked and amazed that given all of the issues and major compliance with PII that my bank whom I have trusted since 1997 would even suggest this). Or (b) manually re-enter the entire budget each month under her profile.


When I challenged the validity of this I was told that this was the way things were done and it is just a service. Well as mentioned I really like the service, but if I have to go through all of that to use the service than the service is not a very good service since we cant easily use the information to make wise spending decisions. I was truely hopeful that this service (since it is being offered) would provide us with a quick way to review, catagorize, and adjust spending on the same portal to meet our desired budget each month.


I am also questioning why my financial institution would suggest that I share account passwords, and pin numbers with someone. While we have the same checking account our debit cards are different for a reason, so is our profiles for the very same reason.


Sorry for the rant its just I have never been treated so poorly in my almost 20 years of membership with USAA. 


That is amazing.  I just too got off the phone with USAA today also and had the same suggestion...that I use my husband's user ID and password.  This is not the answer I would expect to hear from USAA.  It makes no sense to me that the budget would not be "visable" within both profiles.  It is a joint checking account.  I was also told that when an expense is categorized that it is only categorized in that profile and that you would have to duplicate that catagorization in the other profile.  What a waste of time!  We have held off for a long time using the budgeting tool on the website hoping that all the kinks would be worked out, but that obviously is not the case here.

I really like the tool and can see so many good things that it can do for our family, and I really appreciate the service USAA provides with this tool.

I was surprised by the way my call was handled and the fact that the representative would suggest so freely to share personal information with someone else. I also believe I was surprised with the flippant attitude of the representative on the line. I have never experienced that with USAA.

Thanks for sharing that it's not just me that is having this frustration.


Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear of the service experience you encountered during your call. Sharing log in information should never be done or suggested. I will ensure to share your feedback with our team about My Budget Tool and the service you received. Thank you again for your post.  


We appreciate your feedback in regards to My Budget Tool. I regret the inconvenience of not being able to view your budget through both profiles is causing you. Also, sharing log in information should never be done or suggested. I will ensure to share your comments with our team for review.

This was 2 years ago and it appears family members still can't share a budget. USAA-- any plans to fix this issue? It could be a very valuable tool if sharing was enabled. 

 I've added this feedback to the rest of the feedback gathered for the Budget Tools, @Mary Lo. At this time, there's no information on any updates for this tool, although I can't say if there's anything in the works. I do appreciate you taking the time to post your feedback, since it will let us know what our members want and need. - Cathleen

I’ve had difficulty with the USAA budget tool for a long time. Are there any 3rd party apps that can connect with USAA for better/easier tracking?

Excellent question, @CAPTRobPHS - I would recommend you contact our technical team at 1-877-632-3002 to see if they have any suggestions on an app for you.  Remember, when you're prompted, you'll need to say “technical support”. - Cathleen