Frustrated Memeber - Trouble Traveling with ATM Debit Card


I am leading a team from of volunteers overseas.  Before leaving the country I called and gave an international travel notice.  I was able to use my ATM debit card at an ATM.  After that my card was locked.  

On July 3 I made an international call to USAA, spending more than 10 minutes on the phone.  At that time I was told the block was lifted.  On July 4, I tried to use my card again, and again it was denied.  After another 10 minute phone call I was assured again that the block was lifted.

Not only am a very frustrated with how USAA has failed a 12 year; I have been repeatedly embarrassed in front of people that I have asked to trust me and follow my leadership.

My frustration continues to grow, because it is not the first time USAA has placed me in this situation.  As a 12 year member I am concerned that I may have to consider another banking provider to help insure this does not continue.


Hello, Dillashaw,


As a member for more than 10 years, I share your frustration, as I have found myself in the same and similar situations as you. I even became delinquent in my credit card debt because I was not able to send any payments to USAA from various international bank locations.


As a result, I was reported to the credit card bureaus without any international support from USAA other than contacting my U.S. phone number and leaving annoying messages to submit late payment(s) without any solution towards my international problem that I previously explained to them.


I even requested them to send me a new debit and credit card from 3 international countries because they were expired, but I never received any cards in the mail, which put me into another situation of having no access to my money without trying to send money to myself by moneygram online.


To my surprise, I thought since USAA focuses banking services to veterans residing worldwide, banking would be very easy. Comparatively, it is my conclusion that those who are overseas confined to military bases would have an easier task to have banking services available with USAA, than for those such as myself who are living independently in a foreign country where I personally have experienced many difficulties.


I am currently researching a U.S. bank that truly has international banking capabilities for their members.





Has anything been resolved? My husband and I recently moved to Cambodia where we expected our excellent USAA service to continue, but we have been nothing but disappointed. This week we are facing similar problems as yo've described, except that I do not know how to call them internationally because that isn't even something we've broached here yet. Our ATM cards worked fine last week, but after a few attempts of accidentally using the wrong pin number, both of our ATM cards were blocked, or so it seemed. I am used to receiving prompt emails if there is any type of fraudulent or suspicious activity so I assumed I'd return home to find such an email and then be able to sort it out, but on returning, there was no such email. I trumped it up to the Cambodian bank having blocked our cards because of our many attempts with the wrong pin number, and assumed waiting would fix the problem. Unfortunately on returning to the bank today, our cards were still denied. I am so frustrated. Currently our passports are being held for visa renewals until we are able to pay for them, which we are not able to do because we cannot withdraw money from our bank accounts.

We have had nothing but great experiences using our debit card and credit cards overseas from Japan, Israel, Eastern and Western Europe.  Our only problems is doing travel notification more than one trip in advance.


You can contact USAA by phone from cambodia using the following numbers:

Phone Number: Cambodia
AT&T Direct Instructions (Opens Pop-up Layer)
Available from Public Phones in Phnom Pehn and Siem Riep only.

Direct or Collect

  Direct or Collect
Phone Number: 210-498-2722
Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

You can also start an email conversation with us or fill out this form


I recommend you call so you can get the fastest service to resolve the issues with your ATM cards.


Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

I have been with USAA since 1984 and you would not believe the things they have done to me.  As for the ATM debit, they have cancelled both of mine and left me with no way to get money.  On a number of ocassions I have called USAA and placed a travel notification only to find it was never done.  Now I will place the notification and check again the next day.  I make payments on my credit card and they back date the payment and apply it to the wrong month.  Even though I have no min payment due on the credit card they still have taken money from the checking account and placed it on the credit card ??  Trying to talk with the reps is like speaking to a rock because they do not know what they are doing.


Hi RussG,

I am very sorry about the service lapses you have had to endure. I know I cannot change what has happened in the past, but I would like a specialist to review what has happened to make sure another long time member like you, does not experience something like this in the future. We would appreciate you sending us a message here with the best way to contact you so that we can reach out and get further details.

Now just what good would it do for me to leave you a message on how to get in touch with me.   I doubt if USAA would know how to call me in Thailand, they surely do not know how to write script, so the address would be proper  to send me a letter.


That is a big problem with USAA, trying to get a new ATM card when you live in a country where English is not the   main language.

Hi Russ,

Please email us here at and we will make sure we get all the details to get you another debit card in Thailand. We would also like to look into your son's car loss and claim. Please include your member number and we will have someone in contact soon. Thank you.



Why should I even bother, USAA has made its' position very clear as you can read from other members.  At one point in time USAA was good and understood the unique situation of its' customers but that is a thing of the past.  I have done the same as others and obtained ATM cards from other sources such as my credit union (PHFCU).   I also keep one with USAA but can not trust the thing to be there from day to day.


As for my sons' car, yes he did all the correct things to dispute the offer such as provideing copies of ads in Hawaii for the same car.  But, USAA is the same as other insurance companies and only worry about lining their own pockets by riping off its' customers..


By the way, check to see if I have car insurance with USAA !!!  The answer to that is NOOOOOOOOOOO,,, screw my son and you lost 2 insured members and who knows how many more after I talked with friends !!!!!!!