Back in December someone got into my USAA credit card account and got all of my information from you guys, changed all of my information, and then went on a shopping spree with my credit card.  I have been having Identity theft issues ever since this person got into my USAA account.  The worst part is there is still one charge on my card that I never made for roughly $1060.  This purchase was made back in January and I have called and complained about this charge about a dozen times.  I keep getting told that the charge will be removed and yet it never happens.  For 10 months now I have had this fraudulent charge on my account and have been getting charge interest for it.  Will this charge ever get taken off my account or am I fighting a loosing battle here?

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@Brendan13, Thank you for bringing this to our attention & the opportunity to review what has taken place. I have engaged a Subject Matter Expert to look into your concern. I appreciate your patience during the review process. Have a good day. ~ Lori 



Did this ever get resolved?  


Do like I did. Close your account(s) with USAA, I recomend Discover and Amazon Prime's Visa thru Chase. They have a reward system that is FAR better than USAA's, plus their customer service is excellent and they follow up on their promises. I did this a couple of months ago because of similar experiences with my CC and I am not looking back. May I also suggest trying LifeLock?, they are awesome. 

I second your answer Brendan.  USAA has been hacked although they deny it.  My wife and I have been issued three new cards in a year for fraudulent purchases.  They deny that they have a problem, so best course is to use another card.  They also misreported a large debit balance to the credit agencies when I've only carried a balance for one month (when I paid half) for much less than reported. Now having credit problems in moving to another state.  Love the insurance . . . hate the bank.  

@BARRYESTELL, sorry you feel this way. I am going to forward your concern to a Bank specialist. Thank you