I have fraudulent activity on my debit card and need support to clear charges and prevent future ones. I am underway with no phone and limited internet access which won't connect to the online chat. I have three automated responses to my messages saying I have to call to receive support in banking. I have no way of doing so, and have watched money continue to be withdrawn from my account while USAA does nothing. You even notified me that you suspected fraudulent activity before multiple of these charges were processed and approved. At the very least I just need my card turned off so that I can prevent someone from stealing more money. The fact that you have no email support for deployed service members who for the most part don't have phone or internet access is absurd.


Hello @no Customer Support, I am very sorry to hear of this situation. I have forwarded your concerns to a subject matter expert for further review. -Colleen

Which I assume means you won't do anything about it either. Does anybody live actually work at USAA? And if you are a live person reading and responding to this, how do you give such blatantly unhelpful answers in good conscience?