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On Jun 13 2017 received text that $1495.92 was charged to my checking account. Called immediately and cancelled my card and reported the charges as fraudulent. I asked to receive a credit for that amount pending the outcome, knowing that would not be an issue because I know I didn't make the charges. Was told by representative that "we" don't do that. I explained to her that I had a similar issue a few years ago and you did exactly that, how else would I know to ask about it. I asked her to look back at my account to see and she stated "she didn't have time and I know we don't issue credit" needless to say i was transferred and the problem was eventually taking care of.

    Now fast forward to 08Sep17. $1495.92 was redebited from my account. I never received any notification, letter email text nothing. Also this happened on a Friday evening, I woke up to see almost $1500 dollars out of my account while I'm 500 miles away because of a hurricane threat, I immediately call and start asking questions. I was eventually forwarded to Jessica (CS Manager) who was in very helpful and in total agreement that I was not notified and that I should of been told that the money would be getting taken out on a certain day. She also supposedly escalated my issues and I was told I would be contacted within 48hrs by Management (Its going on 75hrs nothing, its gets better). So there was nothing more she could do and I would have to wait to contact the fraud department on Monday. I did do my research of the charges, contacted the company, asked if they were contacted by USAA about my fraud case, answer was NO. I then asked can you provide any information to me since according to USAA, I made these purchases. They forwarded me the address, name, email and all that was purchased and stated they would provide any and all information to USAA and they were flagging the purchase as fraud. Wasn't hard at all. Also I will add I went through the 60-70 alerts I get from USAA and did find on Aug 17, 2017 I was sent a small packet with my Fraud investigation. I open to find that according to their "Fraud DUE Diligence" (and I use that word loosely) investigation that "The following evidence supports our claim that the transaction was authorized by the cardholder or close relative" then 3 little checks to back up this ridiculous claim. 1. Zip Code 2. Address 3. CVC the offender had all 3 but USAA feels since they had ALL that information it must of been me or a close relative. They never asked me anything, never contacted the vendor, nothing. We all know when you make a purchase either by phone or online the information they ask for is those THREE LISTED ABOVE. Once again it gets better.


0900hrs On Monday I contacted fraud department, talked to Charley, very friendly and tried to take care of the problem,  on hold several times things were seeming to go well. After sometime they agreed that "corporate" did not do a good job investigating this claim/case and we will be reissuing your monies and this case will closed with a charge back to me. I was told I would have the funds back in my account by midnight today (Monday). Well Tuesday morning (0900hrs) I check my account, nothing. I call talk to Marie, again helpful and looks over my account and sees everything, very apologetic and and after explaining the issue she is also in agreement with me. She states that Charlie forgot to hit the "Update button" after your review and the charge back was not issued, but she said she can take care of it and now it would take up to 48 more hours to hit my account, I of course ask why? and Why can't it be done by midnight like Charlie supposedly setup yesterday. It's was no fault of mine. She said and I understand that's all she can do, I then ask to speak to a supervisor and/or Manager. Renette answers the phone after talking to her she looks and listens to the whole situation and agrees that "USAA" messed up and of course apologizes. I ask her the same why can't the funds be deposited by midnight, same response she can't do anything. I ask to speak to a Manager that has the authority to fix this. Just like Jessica from CS stated, Managers don't have phone lines They have to call you back within 48hrs. I of course was blown away that USAA in a case were USAA is totally messing up a 18+ year member's account, where they STOLE money out of his account and agree it shouldn't of happened, that they don't care enough to get on the phone to assist. Just blown away.

     We are in Wednesday and still nothing, not a call, NO money, nothing. So as I write this I look online (Facebook) and see others are being handled with similar results. I feel USAA over the years has gotten away from a customer service industry to more of a Make as Much as we can Business. If I don't get any response or money in the next 24hrs I will be seeking legal guidance.

    I will also add, why would a retired Military customer, that never bounced a check, with a 804 credit score, with enough money in my accounts to pay for this transaction 50 times over risk everything for some Hoodies and Urban street Clothes (That's what they bought). I had to cancel cards, change all my auto payments linked to that card. Not be given the benefit of any doubt before you call him a LIAR. I say that because that's exactly what in my opinion USAA is doing. 

    Years ago I was bragging on how well USAA handled a similar situation. After this I cannot and will not remain a customer. And as a contractor that interacts with Soldiers daily I will share this experience and advise them to bank elsewhere. And I say this because if this would happen to a young Soldier with a family, USAA would be jeopardizing their way of life. So for the above reasons I feel USAA has lost what they use to have. Please take this feedback and change the direction of your company.


Brandon Smith  


Hello 1ST Retire1, I regret your frustration with your fraud dispute. This is not the type of experience we expect you to have and certainly don't want to lose your membership. I'll engage a subject matter expert to review your situation further. Please allow sufficient time for completion of their review and they will follow up with you. - Ben

@USAA I think 1ST Retire1's story has become somewhat typical of when a member is trying to resolve an issue.  USAA touts the zero liability with its credit and debit cards but it sure doesn't seem that they really mean that based on some of what I have read.  So the two take aways for me on 1St Retire1's story:

  1.  @USAA's answer is the same old same old we will look into it and get back to you but allow us SUFFICIENT time for review.  What does that really mean??   I think USAA has had plenty of time to look at this situation, they just need to respond appropriately.

   2.   This is the FYI for all members- By law, debit cards do not have the same type of fraud protections as credit cards.  If there is fraud on a credit card, the most that you can be liable for is $50.00 and that is if you did not follow the rules for reporting the fraud.  With a debit card, there is no limit and companies do not have the same responsibility to return money to you while they investigate.  So again, even though USAA advertises as zero liability for both credit and debit cards, in the end, the law would allow them to treat fraudulent situations differently.  


   Please define suffient time. 24Hrs? 48-72Hrs? And of course are we on actual time or USAA time? I've been waiting since Saturday for a call that was suppose to happen within 48HRS. Thanks for the basic response and I look forward to hearing from the SME. Once again a few hours have passed and a Manager seems to be "Too Busy" for us common members.


Brandon Smith

I will never ever use/recommend and further more have told all of my family about how USAA took money of mine that did not belong to them. They refuse to give me my hard earned money back. I am a single mother and trusted USAA with all of my funds. I had been a USAA member with the same account for 9 years and have never had problems, EVER. Any charges that were made that were not made by me had always been returned without an issue, which is what any and every bank is obligated to do for you since there are so many fraud things happening to anyone with a bank account now a days. In this instance that I have been dealing with for almost a full year now has ruined certain aspects of my life and they could care less.


Sequence of events during my during my USAA checking account being compromised on 11/29/2016.

  1. I had deposited my regular paycheck into my USAA checking account using "deposit @ mobile" with my iPhone 7 plus 11/29/2016 at approximately 9:53am CST.
  2. At approximately 11:38am CST 11/29/2016 I had begun to receive emails to my email account which is my primary email address with my USAA account alerting me that a) my password had been updated b) my personal identification number had been updated (PIN*) and c) my security questions had been updated.
  3. At approximately 1:22pm CST on 11/29/2016 I received an email, confirming a transfer of $1,050 had been transferred out of the account to another account of mine. Which was then taken out with some kind of cash transaction. (That I have never once used this method in the 9 years I had my account, nor had I ever withdrawn every penny of my funds out of my acccount)
  4. At approximately 3:57pm CST on 11/29/2016 was when I had noticed these notifications in my email, so I had immediately called USAA and had all of my information changed and notified them of this fraudulent transaction.
  5. They were able to tell me that this transaction was made out to a "Sydney N. Cohen" Out of Hollywood, FL. They were also able to tell me this person called in using my cell phone number by using a technique called "Spoofing"
  6. I updated all of my information during that time, changing my password, pin, security questions and adding a extra security measure requiring you to entire an authentication code sent via text to the cell phone number listed on the account. They told me they would submit this to the fraud department and if it was ruled in my favor after investigation they would return all of my funds just as they would in the past.
  7. At approximately 3:33am CST on 11/30/2016 I received an email stating my account had been locked due to suspicious activity on my account.
  8. As soon as I read the morning of the email alert on 11/30/2016 I called USAA, and they let me then again update all of my information. I asked how this could be happening still? I asked them what information of mine they provided to authenticate who they were knowing they record all calls. However all they could tell me was the prompts that they "used to authenticate me" and it was that they provided USAA with my SS# and make/model of my car. I requested a transcript and access to listen to this call. They informed me that I needed to get a subpoena from local law enforcement to get access to that recorded call along with the transcript.
  9. USAA called me and notified me via mail that they ruled this fraud case in my favor and to expect the funds returned into my account within the next few business days.
  10. I got my funds returned to me, however not even a month later after $500 worth of bills were taken out of my account, USAA sent me a letter telling me that they re-opened my fraud case and decided that it was no longer in my favor, overdrew my account to take the money back and said if I did not pay them the $600 dollars that they over drew they would send me to collections.
  11. With this happening I decided to proceed with a subpoena, because I know for a fact this was a fraudulent charge and I have never given anybody my information to access my account. So I went to my local police department, the state attorney issued USAA a subpoena and they did not respond, nor would they release any of my records.
  12. In the midst of that happening, my job gave me a bonus and automatically submitted this bonus into my USAA account. USAA obviously held onto the funds. I logged into my account recently and saw the funds of almost $500 were just sitting in a non-existent account.
  13. I called USAA to ask them how I can get these funds since they belonged to me. The represenative on the phone said to expect that amount in a check in the mail within 7-10 business days, I waited 3 weeks and nothing.
  14. I called USAA again, they said "Oh, about that, you owed us money in an account that was overdrawn so you can't get your money except for $88, I said okay then where is my $88?" "Well do you want a check for $88?" I said, "I will take whatever you people are willing to give me because obviously you don't mind taking ALL of my money. Yes, send me the check NOW."
  15. I am now out $1,500 because of this company not following protocol to secure my information or my funds.

I am tired of going in circles with these people, always calling, having to authenticate myself thoroughly since they flagged my account.  I had to change my cell phone number, which has caused me a lot of havoc, email and faxed a Identity Theft Affidavit to the IRS and placed a freeze with Equifax services. (which is now obviously also compromised all of my information) SO ALL THE WAY AROUND USAA screwed me over big time. It is completely disappointing and depressing knowing I trusted these people. In this situation I cannot help but think the representative that gave out my information to begin with was the person that took my money, and USAA will not admit their employees are their biggest problem when it comes to any sort of data breach. DO NOT BANK WITH THIS COMPANY THEY WILL TAKE ALL OF YOUR FUNDS!


I have been waiting almost a year. They will never come around, do not hold your breath, I am done with them, I do not know how after all these posts in their forum they have not made the news for all the money they are taking from their members?? How does no body know until this happens to them? A bit frustrating and corrupt!

Mermaidmom, we have sent you two responses to two of your previous posts. Please review when you have a moment. Thank you, Jen.

UPDATE: Now 5 Days after I was told 24-48Hrs a Manager would be in Contact. NOTHING from USAA, NO calls, NO Money and as stated before NOBODY cares. Will be calling today to give it one final attempt and then I will be contact legal assistance. Unbelievable how different and unprofessional USAA has become.


Brandon Smith

UPDATE: Had to call again yesterday after my update. Went through the usual 20mins of explaining my situation, because of course you can't get any of the 5-6 people that were helping you on this situation the past few day. So was helped by another Fraud customer rep. I wrote down her name but forgot it at my house this morning. She was very helpful we 3 wayed a Fraud agent who basically regurgitated the same answer I have been getting since Saturday, "Sir I see it in our system you have to wait 24-48hrs" I asked from today? she says "Yes". I explained to her I have been told that now 3 times and nothing has happened yet, why should I believe you?. She continued to give the same rehearsed answer "you have to give it time". The Customer Service rep basically sensed my frustrations and took back over the call. She then was able to transfer me to the CEO office to a John Cxxx.

    John listened to my whole issue and said he would have someone call me in less than 24Hrs. I questioned him on it several times and explained I requested to speak to a Manager twice (Saturday and again Monday) and was told they would call me in 24-48Hrs. (Notice the tread with the 24-48Hrs timeline) and as of this minute no Manager has contacted me. He assured me he would personally look into this.

   At 5:00PM yesterday Jessica called from the CEO office. She was friendly and got straight to the point. They will deposit the money back into my account by Today (Friday Morning). I challenged her and said I don't believe her because no one has done anything they said they were going to to except John Cxxxx. I then explained that I still would like to talk to a Manager and ask for an explanation of Why this was handled so poorly and provide feedback as too hopefully use this as a learning experience to prevent it from happening to a young Soldier or family in the future. She agreed and hopefully forwarded my request.

   Came in today hoping to see the deposit, at first nothing, but as I am writing this I received the funds into my account. THANK YOU. Only took no Less than 7 calls 2-2.5 hours of personal time and 3 hours of my lunch breaks talking to 6-7 different people who were all in agreement with me and 7 Days to return something that on DAY ONE USAA agreed that it should not of come out of your account. Now that efficiency at its best (sarcasm). 

    I write this and still have the same feelings for USAA that I stated in my earlier post. You have gone down hill, badly with the support you provide to your customers. I thank you for the "zero liability" you claim, but I can't help thinking what if I was on a deployment or didn't have the means to communicate 5-6 days in a row, HOW long would of this taken to resolve? USAA never has reached out to me to explain or try to fix anything until my persistence almost forced them to. It's really sad that a financial institution that basically was/is built on the the backs of our service members have employed Managers or people that can fix things immediately that don't have the care to help or call a customer. I am going to be closing my account(s) because of this and a few other things I've seen and/or read over the past months about USAA and I say this again if you want to continue to "Serve" the military, I suggest you get some people in there that know what that means. Good Day.


Brandon Smith


For protection and  privacy of our employee, portions of your comment have been edited.

FINAL UPDATE: Almost 2 Weeks (13 Days) since requesting at least 3 times and also on here as well, to talk to someone in a Management Position to discuss How/Why all this happened and to hopefully prevent it from happening to someone in the future. Obviously my feedback and or 18+ years of support to this Institution doesn't warrant a Call back from Management. Just confirms to me and after reading the posts on here not sure why anyone would do business with USAA. Grass might not be Greener somewhere else but going to give Navy Federal a shot, USAA sure doesn't seem to care. Good Day.