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I filed a claim of fraud that occurred with charges on the 19th/20th. I was actually notified of these fraudulent charges after calling into USAA after my card was declined...

They were very outlandish charges. Around $900 at a shoe store I’ve never shopped at in a city I don’t live in, around $180 in charges for gas at a gas station and I don’t even have a car, or a drivers license for that matter (my account history would show this), enormous amount of money spent at macy’s for $400, when I shop at discounted retailers and rarely spend over $100 on clothes...

According to the USAA fraud department, these charges were “authorized,” therefor I’m responsible for the charges. Now my account is negative $750 and i’m stuck in Florida (I live in New York) with absolutely no money to even get a coffee and a donut for $2. To make matters worse, their fraud department hasn’t even given me a solid answer as to how I could’ve authorized a charge for a place I don’t shop, with purchases made by a person I don’t know, in a city I’ve never visited.

So far, this is probably top 10 of the worst times of my life. Thanks, USAA!


I know how frustrating this would be for you, @iZaeP. I'm sorry to hear of your situation, however, you would need to speak with our Fraud dept in order to resolve this. You can reach them directly at 800-951-4539. - Cathleen

I’ve contacted your fraud department. They’re unable to assist me, I’ll have to work with the NYPD/local law enforcement to gather proof that I didn’t make any of these charges.

It’s also a holiday weekend, and I’m currently stuck in a gas station at Florida. USAA across the board has basically told me that they’re unable to do anything until Tuesday or Wednesday because it’s a holiday weekend.

Dear @iZaeP,


Thanks again for reaching out. I can understand the situation. Please call us back at the fraud department once you have contacted local law enforcement as they instructed. - Jesse

Jesse, they did not instruct me to reach out to law enforcement. They didn’t instruct me to do anything

There’s a very long list of customers that this has happened to on this website and most of them haven’t been resolved. Please note that this is a serious issue that you guys haven’t worked out since at least 2015, and you are quite literally putting people that serve in danger.

I want to really clarify that i’m about a thousand miles away from home with no available income due to this situation. As far as I know, In a couple hours I will likely be sleeping in a bus station with no food.
Just an update;

The agent who works in the fraud department who originally filed my claim put that the card was duplicated. That’s not what happened, that’s not what I told them and that’s not even what USAA originally told me.

Since a mistake was made on your part, I was assuming that you guys would be a little bit more understanding and at least re-apply my credit in a manner that would get me out of a dangerous / desperate situation, and that’s exactly what’s not happening.

I do want to say thanks to the agent Erica that I talked to earlier. She was very helpful and courteous in an otherwise horrible situation.

@iZaeP, I can appreciate the seriousness of this situation and have reached out to our subject matter experts to review your concerns. Please allow us some additional time to research these transactions and a representative will reach out to you. ~Michelle 

No problem, Michelle! I don’t mind you guys taking your time at all, after all I want who ever compromised my account to be held responsible for this!

However, I am asking for, at the very least the credits and/or money that was stolen from me to at least be applied as a credit while this situation is being handled.