I have been a member of USAA for almost 20 years, and I am extremely frustrated and disappointed in the way USAA handled my fraud case.


I recently noticed suspious activity in my checking account that happend inDec. 2017.   The found out someone had purchased over $400.00 of grocieries at a Supermarket using an E-check from my account the day after Christmas.  I called USAA to dispute the transaction.


The first time I called, I gave a represenative the information and assumed a dispute case had been opened.  I called a second time to followed up approx. 30 days later, only to be told there was no record of a dispute to be opened.  On the second phone call the dispute was actually opened.  After a couple of weeks, I received an email (letter) stating the dispute had been denied because I was the one who had authorized the charge.  The letter stated I should call USAA to get the documents used to make this decision, so of course this is what I did since I was sure I wasn't the one to make the transcation.  It has taken an additional four phone calls to USAA to finally get the evidence that was used.  To say that I am applauded is an understatment.  The signature used is clearly not mine, nor did the individual who commited this crime acually sign my name.  I have to assume the team or person handling my case didn't do his/her job right.  It is also worth mentioning, the groceries were bought a distance of 40 miles from my house.   The case can't even be appealed or reopen.  If someone at USAA would have compared my signature to the one of the "telecheck" receipt they would clearly see it wasn't me (See photos).  I now feel like my assets are not protected and will consider taking my business elsewere.example.jpeg



@decadeold Thank you for reaching out, I have sent this to a subject matter expert for further review. ~Tom