Tired Traveler
March 2016 USAA savings account statement states that "Effective March 1, 2016, transactions at ATM's located outside US may not be eligible for ATM usage fee refunds. See fee schedule on USAA.COM." All I find on USAA.COM is negative forum input about the fees, but nothing about what ATM fees are, where they apply, etc. Forum input is passed to Bank employees for further clarification, but nothing is added to the forum post. As USAA "improves" its web site, it is becoming less and less useful or usable.


Dear Tired Traveler,

USAA Bank refunds up to $15 in other United States domestic banks' ATM usage fees each month and does not charge a fee for the first 10 ATM withdrawals. The ATM fee refund does not apply for the month in which the account is closed. Subsequent transactions will be charged $2.00 each. Transactions at ATMs located outside of the United States may not be eligible for ATM usage fee refunds. A 1% foreign transaction fee applies to withdrawals outside the United States. No ATM usage fees will be charged at USAA Preferred ATMs pursuant to an agreement with the ATM network/owners to not charge an ATM fee for USAA Bank ATM debit cards.



Unfortunately, our ATM finder is only for US ATMs. At this time, to find out where our debit cards can be used worldwide in our network, you need to contact a banking speclaist at 1-800-531-8722. I hope this helps answer your question. Thank you

does usaa have a list of the atms in other countries that have no fee?

Hello @lz k, you can type in ATM Locator in the search on usaa.com. This will allow you to enter the zipcode or city you are in to see if there are any ATM's in your area. Hope this helps. -Colleen