Does USAA support Fitbit pay? I am considering getting a FitBit smart watch and the NFC pay is one of the options I like, but I am not interest in getting the more expensive option if I can’t even use it due to lack of participation on the banking side.


I just got the Versa with Fitbit pay and found out that no, USAA is not supported yet. I hope it’s added soon because I would use that feature for sure.

So no, don’t spend the extra money for Fitbit pay model unless you are hoping for the added support in he future.

What a great question @69roadrunner, I am researching this request and will be in contact. Thank you. -Emily

Hello, I wanted to follow up to let you know I am still working on this request. I appreciate your continued patience. -Emily

Hello @69roadrunner, after completing research, at this time USAA only supports Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. I apologize if this causes any inconvenience, but please continue to follow up periodically as we are always looking at ways to stay competitive and improve the member experience. ~ Samantha

It would be great to have this as an added service.

@Gadgetusaf, Thank you for your input. I have shared your interest in adding Fitbit Pay with our bank team. Please let us know if you need additional assistance. - Ben

I'm also intested in this feature. I would love to have to option on my fitbit versa

@PebbleCT, I'm happy to share your feedback regarding FitBit Pay with our leadership team. Our membership will be advised should this feature become available in the future. Thank you for your time. - Rhonda

I'd also be interested in being able to use USAA on my Fitit pay. I hope that they look into this and decide that it is a plus for their members.