Today I'd called with a list of my bills as told to me in previous phone conversation with financial hardship department (spoke to Julie 11/2 on the first call who was totally awesome, motivating and understanding however second call today 11/6 I spoke to someone else who made me feel like dirt) to discuss long term reduced payments due to financial hardship I am enduring.  I have 10 different companies I'm working with so far all have been working with me, except USAA.  I was asked how much I could afford to pay so I offered 50 per month ongoing.  I was DENIED because they said I couldn't afford to pay the 50 per month because my income exceeds my bills/ummm yes this is why I'm applying for hardship to reduce payment amount.  Anyway,  my payment is 780 per month now.  So, that said I'm 2 months behind and according to them I cannot afford 50 per month but my account is showing owing over 1500!  They are basically saying they want all the money or nothing, very very very very disappointed.  


@idontdonicknames, I am sorry to hear that your second call today was not the good experience you had with the first. I will be happy to forward your feedback for review. If they need additional information they will reach out to you at the phone number listed in your profile. Thank you. ~ Suzy