What do I do to get my checking account into our family trust? When I call in, the agents don't have a clue. I have so many automated things into this account that I don't want it completely closed and a new account re-opened. Don't they just re-name it? HELP!


Hi @gingermarieb, we are sadden to read of your experience with calling in about a trust.  I am happy to provide some information for you.  First, you would send a completed Memorandum of Trust and the following:  Copy of the Title Page (The Title Page should show the name and date of the Trust and the Trustees) and the Signature Page of the Trust, or a Certificate of Trust may be accepted as an alternative to the Title Page and the Signature Page of the Trust Agreement.  I have uploaded the Memorandum of Trust to your Documents tab online. Simply click on the My Tools tab and from the documents options, click on the "All" folder. 

Step 3: Return the form along with the required Trust documents via upload, fax, or mail.