For the past two weeks I have had problems using my debit/visa card at gas stations and purchasing items at the store. I called when the problems first started and was told that the gas stations charged a pre-aurhorization amount and this triggered the fraud alert. I tried again to use the card today at a gass station on a military base and the same problem occurred. I called fraud alert and customer service this morning explaining the situation and I did not receive a resolution. I have been with USAA for years and this has not occurred before in the past. With my other accounts Fraud alert is triggered when there are unusual activities. I did not do anything unusual for the Fraud alert to be triggered each time it is used. When I asked for an explanation, I was told that the fraud alert is to keep my account safe. The problem is I would like to be able to use the card without it triggering a fraud alert each time it is used. When I stated this I was told that I could go inside the gas station to pay. I do not agree that this is a solution. I tried to call just now and requested to speak to the resolution team. I was put on hold for a long time and the phone was disonnected. Unfortunately I will have to close this account if I cannot resolve this problem.


Trecia-Ann - Thank you for your post. Please know that we strive to stay convenient while keeping your accounts protected. I have located your information. I will  review the situation and contact you shortly - Jason

Trecia-Ann - I attempted to reach you by phone but was unsuccessful and left a brief voice message. I sent you a detailed message via our secure message center. You can access the message by clicking your name, then Inbox, then My Messages. Thanks, Jason