I try to make principal only payments to my loan when I can to enable me to pay off my loan sooner. However since April of this year whenever I make a principal only payment online, the payment is spread across principal, interest and escrow. Every time I must call and have the payment corrected. I made a principal only payment on 12 July, I checked today 16 July and once again it has been incorrectly applied. I wonder if this is intentional or just incompetence?




I regret to hear of your experience in attempting to make principal only payments on your mortgage. USAA promotes financial stability and it would never be our intent to prevent you from paying down your mortgage sooner. I have taken this opportunity to share your comments with a colleague in the mortgage area. They will review your concerns and reach out to discuss them with you. I appreciate you brining this matter to our attention. Thank you. -Gus

When I called NationStar (USAA mortgage servicer) to discuss having my payment corrected (yet again). I was told that they would put a special code on my account that specified that any payments made beyond what I am contractually obligated to make will be applied to principal only. I find this hard to understand. Why must this be done? Shouldn't it be automatic especially when I select principal only payment on their website.

I am very dissafisfied with the service I have received since USAA moved my account to NationStar.


I appreciate you taking the time to post within the member community, Unhappy. I've provided this feedback and inquiry to a colleague in that area to address for you. - Cathleen

Unhappy_Homebuyer, Thank you for the additional information. I have forwarded the addition information to our mortgage area. They are currently reviewing your concerns and will reach out to discuss with you further. -Jeanni