I would like to export my debit card statements into excel for all of 2018. Is there any way for me to do this?


@SarSchuerm, I understand that you would like to export your account activity from 2018 into excel. You may do so by following these steps:

  1. Select your deposit account.
  2. Under the Transactions tab, select I Want To.
  3. Select Date Range and enter requested dates.
  4. Select Export

I hope this helps! ~DC

Thank you for your response.  Yes, I tried that already.  It works - but only for the most recent 3 months.  I need to go back further than that.  Please help!  I am not sure why there would be a 3 month cutoff to the feature. -Sarah

@SarSchuerm, I'm sorry to hear this! Please be sure to check your date range selected. If you are still encountering an error, please contact our technical support team at 877-632-3002 ~ Sam 

I am having the same issue...only have the option of exporting the last few months, not all of last year. Based upon all the searching that I have done, it seems this has been a common complaint for many years that USAA seems unwilling to properly address. The ability to go back 1 year, or better yet 18 months, should be minimum since many people only want to deal with tax issues once a year.

Hello @dooderoon, I'm sorry your're having difficulty with exporting banking statements. Recent activity displays 3 months. However, there is the option to edit the date range of the statements from the account page.

Additionally, all documents are available from the Tools tab under My Documents and accessible for 7 years. 

For assistance, contact our Website Support Team at 210-531-8722. Have a great week. ~ Lori C