Executive Resolution Team is a Waste of Resources

Tired of the Lies

I am at my wits end. I have contacted USAA and got the run around, been swept under the "1-2 day" rug by everyone, and still have no resolve. If anyone in authority is actually paying attention, then you need to really consider dissolving your rogue executive resolution team. All they do is echo what customer care said, only adding that they have no authority to change anything...even though the customer care sent you there because "these guys are the top people with the authority to override this".


My account was hacked...my identity stolen. I was told it was straight now. But I can't deposit without a hold that I never had before. Of course their initial story line was "as per your deposit at mobile terms that you agreed to, it clearly stated that any deposit can have a hold placed at any time for any reason." Get real people...I'm not that stupid and I don't think anyone else with an ounce of common sense would be either. So here we are, once again, with a check that from an individual, for an amount under 500.00, that has a hold on it. This same person writes me checks several times a month (close if not over fifty a year) and there has NEVER been a hold on a single one. There has never been one returned. Now all of a sudden, a five day hold? This is a clear case of abuse upon a customer. As if having your account compromised was not stressful enough, now USAA wants to continue the abuse by making continued business difficult.


I'm tired of the BS. I work too hard and too long to have spend every minute off away from my family dealing with USAA. There is no such thing as easy with USAA. There is no such thing as a short call. There is no such thing as closure or support. There is no such thing a fair.


I know that this will get censored, but just so USAA knows clearly...my name is Jason Pleasant. Please make sure that CIndy XXXXXXX and Frank XXXXXX know that I appreciate their help, and that appreciate Carl XXXXXX taking the actions from the email I sent him. However, tonight's situation has thrown me over the edge, and now I must resort to a different way of dealing with this, that is more conducive to the protection of my family and our assets.



Tired of the Lies, Your message has been received. I have forwarded to the appropriate area to review. ~ Lori

Having the exact same experience. USAA's Web Bill Pay failed to deliver my mortgage payment on time and the bank carrying my mortgage penalizied me. I reported this isue roughly 2 months ago and have followed up with calls to USAA roughly 8 times. I get no answers and nothing is resolved yet I'm still stuck with a bill for the late payment. If I am not contacted and this is not resolved by tomorrow then it is finally time for me to move on from USAA, a brand whose custer service was always second to none in my mind until now.

@Dan Regate, I regret any frustration this situation caused you and am happy to forward this matter to the appropriate area for further review. I appreciate your continued patience and allowing us this additional opportunity to address your concerns. ~ Stacy

I have had the same type of issue. Posted on this group several times about my hail claim. Cannot get anyone from USAA to provide honest and sincere assistance even though a total loss claims supervisor admitted USAA repeatedly provided me misleading and incorrect information. Still waiting for assistance...
Jason: Contact the Fed: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for assistance and review of USAA banking policies.

I've been a customer of USAA since I was on my parents car insurance 32 years ago.  I used to rave about the difference between USAA and other organizations.  They really did act and perform better.  Over the years, I've been lucky enough to save a few dollars, and I had most of my money with USAA.  However, as they focused on growth, their services have continued to decline to the point where they are just as bad as any other organization.  


I wasted 3 hours of my time with the Executive Resolution clowns to remove a $150 charge that was placed on my CLOSED credit card.  No one could help.  I finally said @#$! it, paid the $150 and am now in the process of minimizng my relationship with this once great, now decidely mediocre financial institution.  It will take me a few months to unwind everything, but the 19 minute hold time to make a wire transfer I am currently experience as I type this is the last straw.


I wish y'all could make USAA great again, but doesn't seem likely.




@wistful member, I am sorry to hear of this situation., I have forwarded your feedback to a subject matter expert for review. Once researched we will be in contact with you.-Colleen

@wistful member, I understand you had a conversation with a senior representative regarding the charge which occurred on your closed account. Many times when a card is close charges may still post to the account depending on the original transaction agreement, such as a previously authorized re-occurring charge by a biller, or annual membership etc. If you'd like more clarification on the transaction or would like to file a dispute, please reach-out to 210-531-8722 at your convenience. ~ Lori 

I just received a check for $2,000 from the American Red Cross and they put a 7 day hold, understandably, on 1,500 of it. However, when I called to get it released, or at least a portion of it they denied my request. After being on forever-hold they told me I would have to wait without any explanation as to why and - I didn't ask - because the automatic programmed response is that "it's policy". So if it's policy then why not tell me that from the beginning? Why make me wait to tell me that? What were they looking at all that time and deciding whether or not to help me? I mean, really, what decision is there to make if it really is "just policy"? She did try to sell me a credit card though - woo-hoo. We were affected by Harvey over a year ago and still have holes in the floors in hour bedroom covered by paneling and no floors everywhere else. F**A wanted us to do an SBA loan, so they were essentially no help at all because I can't afford another bill. The timing could not be more off because my wife had been planning a trip to Georgia to visit her daughters and I am going to have the hole house to myself and I won't be able to do whole lot due to fact of some back room decision, of facts that I am not privy to, where some caddy people decided whether or not they "felt" they could release the rest of the funds from a check that originated from the American Red Cross. This isn't the first time I've been upset with USAA, but it is the first time I've been compelled to write about it.