Error 405: HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL

Upset with this

When logging in these last few days, I continually get the error message:


Error 405: HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL


Right after I enter my PIN.  I am working on a Mac, using Safari browser.  I enter my login name and password, it asks for my PIN, which I enter, and then the screen goes blank, except for the error message.  


The workaround is to go to Safari and clear all history, and log in again.  Of course, this makes me re-login to everything, which is a pain.  Please fix this.

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Many times these issues are due to using a search page or saved link to bring up our site, such as a Bookmark/Shortcut/Favorite.

I recommend clearing history/cookies/cache, then simply add into the browser address bar EACH time you login to our site.

This will allow you to ensure you are logging onto our official page with most recent updates and prevent login issues, account balances from inaccurately displaying as well as many other reported issues.


In short, entering directly into a browser address bar to bring up our site before logging in should prevent these types of errors.


Thank you! ~ Lori C

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Hello @Upset with this, I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. So we can trouble shoot this for you please contact our website support department at 877-632-3002. -Colleen

This is not a helpful answer on a forum. I have this exact same issue. It's not an issue on the user's end, it's something to do with your website. Why even have a community forum site if you're just going to tell people to call in? 

It's not just you, I get the same, but it's after entering my username and password.  I don't even get a chance to enter my pin.  If it helps, instead of clearing browser info try deleting everything after in address bar, should let you access your account from there.  It's obvious to me that USAA pushed a login system update and it's just broken things for some people.  I also can't help but wonder if this has introduced some security issues since I don't have to enter my pin anymore.

@Cambrian Age, thank you for sharing your recent experience with logging onto our site. Please contact our Technical Support Team at 1-877-632-3003 to address your concerns. Our team is available from 6 a.m. - midnight CT, 7 days a week. Thank you. - Rhonda

I get the same message after entering my login and pw on a MacBook Pro using Safari.  If there's a solution, please post.

I appreciate you reaching tout to us today @ASJackman. We have not been notified of any issues with Please ensure you are adding to a new web browser and not a link or bookmark. If this issue persists, please call our website support team at 877-632-3002 and when prompted say technical support. Thank you. 

"We have not been notified of any issues with "


lol...didn't you read the other replies? Those are notifications of issues.

re: "It's obvious to me that USAA pushed a login system update and it's just broken things for some people. " 


Agreed. MacOS / Chrome with me. Both up to date. The tip to strip off the excess URL parameter stuff works for me.

I keep getting this as well in Chrome on a Windows machine.  I am also getting a pop-up asking for my username and password rather than the normal login area.